Thursday, January 27, 2011

Proud and rich republic

Yesterday morning, we hoisted the flag in our apartment complex. It was followed by cultural program and a scholastic book fair at our complex club house.

The little children of our complex paraded as freedom fighters and the young girls and boys enacted scenes from Bhagavad gita and showcased the inventions and contributions of our lovely country. They had unearthed such lovely unknown info about India that I was ignorant of some.

I did not know that Albert Einstein had a copy of Bhagavad Gita with him. Watching the children perform and listening songs on partriotism gave me goose bumps.

Oh god, How rich in knowledge is our country, only we don't market it as Westerners and Chinese do.

Watch this video (the silent national anthem) It is simply beyond words. WE ARE PROUD INDIANS, AREN'T WE?

On a personal note, It is my son's birthday on Jan 26th. So double celebrations, he had a skype birthday celebration with his father, who's away in the US.


  1. Thats a nice way to celebrate both the Republic Day and your son's birthday! :)

  2. wow whata coincidence..plz pass on our belated greetings to junior..and wishes always

  3. belated happy b'day to your son! :)

    i had tears in my eyes while I watched the video! I ve not seen it before! The video made my day! :)

    thanks a ton for sharing it!

  4. my best wishes for ur son...:)
    i had a glimpse of it on a news channel, now i m able to see this vedio again here, its really gr8 feeling watching this, thnx for sharing
    ”poor sanyiaa@APNIBOLI”