Thursday, January 6, 2011

Frozen thoughts...... an awakening

I came across the magazine 'Frozen thoughts' by chance an year and half back, during our regular monthly shopping at Ratnadeep supermarket. This came as a complimentary copy with our monthly groceries. Though I am an avid reader of all magazines, I thought this was like any other complimentary magazine, full of glossy advertisements and so I just flipped the bright and colorful magazine - read the jokes ,quotes, awed at the colorful glossy advts and just stacked them along with news papers to be thrown for ITC recycle.

A few months ago, while on the look out for pictures which my son wanted for his school project , I flipped through this magazine and very casually glanced through an article - the art of delegating. I got so engrossed in the article which was such a startling revelation and ever since then there is no looking back on this magazine.This particular article made me feel that our patti and thatha's ( grandparents) were great management gurus. We don't need Stephen covey, Dale carnegie or a Robin sharma . We have the originals at home.

Every article in this magazine is based on life’s practicality and one can easily connect with what the authors have to say. Most of the simple problems which we face in our real life are addressed and every article leaves you refreshed and motivated to take charge of life’s situations better.

Regular features like Boomerang, Voice of love, awakening, nostalgia, eight years ago, when science met god, a lovely center spread, home remedies, sports reveal character, that’s wisdom, quote, alma mater values and many more make this magazine a treasure. These magazines have now shifted their place to my book rack for safekeeping as forever treasures.

Now, every month I look forward for my monthly shopping @ Ratnadeep to lay hands on my favorite magazine. A magazine for all ages, all religions and all times. Hope this magazine reaches more homes and touches many souls. Click on this link to read online.


  1. Very true some magazines have good articles that need to be preserve for long time. :)

    Happy New Year. :)

  2. I am also in the same situation. Now every month in the first week I am going to Ratnadeep to get that book. It is a big treasure to have.