Monday, January 3, 2011

The last week of the year 2010

The last week of the year 2010 were a mixed bag of spirited fun and some tiring runs.

It started with a wonderful X-mas party at one our aunt's huge heritage bungalow, where I chanced upon many humble big shots of our society who spoke to me as though they knew me since ages. Good food, fun and lot of warmth (thanks also to the bonfires) flowed in the X-mas party. Two Santas loaded with gifts were an added attraction at the party.

The next day saw my daughter and her friends perform bolly wood songs for the first time at our neighbouring 250 apartment complex for a new year event. The performance was well received by the audience.

And there were many shopping visits, dining treats, baking( my 11 year son baked a wonderful chocolate cake), packing and some running between pillar to posts to get some government documents done. These days there are no under the table dealings at Government offices. EVERY dealing is done shamelessly above the table and the officials come to work happily at 12.00 in the afternoon for a job. The reason for the delay is attributed to 'Traffic jam'. A job which should take easily 2-3 hours time or lesser, took me 3 working days to get done after lot of running between.

Well, speaks volumes about our Government.

Contrary to the above pathetic attitude of the government officials, I also encountered some customer friendly services at some private banks too. A major job was easily done in half-an hour time.

The topping of the week was an electrifying new year's eve at our well decorated apartment complex. All the younsters, little ones and young at hearts( senior citizens) swayed to the DJ's music till 1.30a.m.( all 70+ uncles and aunties stayed back till 1.30 a.m). It just gave each one of us a feeling of one big joint family. I stayed indoor and prayed at the stroke of 12.00 and then joined my friends.

I'm sure all of you had a sweet beginning to 2011. May god grant us the strength and health to build bridge to our destinies and live in peace.