Saturday, January 8, 2011

The new politicians

Most people around the world following Indian politics would be aware about the Sri Krishna commision report.

Well, the report was released on Jan 6th. As anticipated there was unrest in some parts of our state. Some political parties called for closure of schools and colleges since they were not happy with the outcome of the report.

Some schools like my children's school did not take the bandh call seriously and so they went to work.

Just an hour into their work and their school gate was rattled with some anti-social elements wearing the party colors of a political party. They carried acid bottles with them and threatened the school authorities. The school authorities immediately huddled all the children into their classrooms and promised the party workers that the school would be closed.

Immediately all the children were put on the school buses, as they were boarding the buses my son said he and his friends were told to shout slogans in support of the party.

Even as I was reading the sms from school stating that the school was closed due to political trouble and the buses will leave school at, my daughter reached home by the high school bus and told me ' amma, all the primary school children are shouting slogans, their buses will come soon' and a few minutes later my son got down from the bus and came running to me and said ' Amma, I and my friends shouted "JAI ---------- " today.


  1. Its terrible to see children being used as pawns for these seemingly "religious" purposes.Won't they even spare children?Its condemnable.

  2. Anu, see how a team of educated elite people had to bow down to uneducated people who held the kids at ransom. Again these anti-socials are young college students from rural areas who are pawns of a political party for a meagre amount or some favor in kind.

  3. how terrible...
    democratic India needs a shake up...

  4. Well well how small will we drop too using kids for our selfishness...

    these people shud be SHOT.. but as u say they are all pawns in the hands of politicans who will do anything for there favour..


  5. @ sss and bikram, what saddens me more are the innocent villager parents who send their sons and daughters to an esteemed univ in our state. Those students are active outside in the campus than in their class rooms. Many of them have immolated or have been forced to immolate. This university has a beautiful campus and was an esteemed univ.

    and today's news is MNC's are also getting jittery and two MNC's have issued memo's to work from home if need be.

  6. good post ya...poor kids...but dont worry..they pick up fast..they will show the politicians the right way...