Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Wi(i)erd son

" Patti gudhichitta" ( grandma jumped).

"Very good patti, good throw"( as in basket ball)

"Master stroke, Thatha" ( base ball)

The first time I heard patti gudichitta (grand ma jumped), I was in the bedroom reading a book and I thought my son got the information over phone and he was informing me this (I assumed that she slipped and fell at Neyveli), only when I came to the drawing room did I realise that this brat was playing the wii game and his patti was surfing on a beach in the Nintendo Wii resort game.

The next time my mom was playing basket ball and hence the "good throw".

My father played well in the base ball game and hence the comment 'master stroke'.

Now, I am used to the monologues which we keep hearing from our drawing room.

The thatha and patti's ( grand parents) he is referring to are on screen characters made with features based on my parents who are in Bangalore and MIL who often goes to Neyveli and Chennai.

Now all my family members like his aunts, uncles, cousins, sister, his parents, grandparents have all been converted into Mii characters and he virtually plays with them.

My parents and MIL too enjoyed their caricatured characters on screen and enjoy playing with their grandson when they come here.


  1. That was a good one, enjoyed.Pongal wishes to u and ur family.

  2. so chweet

    mine is also capable of this...

  3. he hehehe nice one .. the litte one is having lots of fun.. that reminds me its almost 5:30pm i shud get going got my PS3 waiting i got to go and kill some baddies :)


  4. @Ms.Chitchat, Thanks and pongal wishes to you and ur family too.

    @ssstoryteller, I know most kids his age must be like this. thanks and pongal wishes to you and ur family.

    @Bikram -Happy killing er.. sorry happy gaming bikram and happy lori greetings to you.

  5. This looks like a lot of fun!! :) probably I should play Wii sometime too !