Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Campus rumpus

It is exam fever again every where. Pre-boards for X and IX, revision tests, FA4, SA4 and other assesments. All the children and their families around me are also gearing up.

Yesterday, While my son was preparing for his sanskrit exam and daughter for her pre-boards (she is a 9th grader),I recalled a class room incident to my children and they could'nt stop laughing when they heard it.

This incident happened when I was in high school and this was also published in 'Campus Rumpus' of the famous magazine 'Woman's era' in the year 1991 and I got a cheque of Rs.25 for my contribution.

It was the first period post lunch. All of us would mostly be sleepy in this class. Our lanky sanskrit master Mr.S.K.Bhat would be aware of the situation. To make the class perkier he would crack jokes and try to make it more interactive.

During the course of the lesson - the sanskrit drama 'Kumara samabavam' he said 'Lord shiva's wife was shivani, Brahma's wife is Brahmani, Lord Narayana's wife is Narayani, Indra's wife is Indrani and before he could proceed further, a cheeky class mate of mine shouted from last bench.

Bhat's wife is Bhattani (meaning green peas in kannada).

With that our whole class drowned in sounds of laughter and yes, our lanky jovial sir was the one who started the laughter flood


  1. @hehehe... funny take... some times something does happen which remains with us through out life !!!

  2. :)aaha..antha mokka mohini neenga thaano? :)