Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A touching experience...

My present job as a freelancing facilitator takes me to various public and international schools across the twin cities.

The work involves imparting life skills, thinking skills, value education, environmental issues through story-telling, games and interactive sessions.

All the schools and students have been receptive to our programs. It is evident from the way they react to us. In some schools, the children ask us for autographs and they call out our names and follow us in the school campus during break time.

Every day at work was a learning experience for me. I have myself learnt a lot from these children. Some new facts, some anecdotes, some great thoughts etc.,

We generally wind up the last session of the year without informing the children. We leave it to the school to take the responsiblility. But today, in a very famous public school (This school has a beautiful campus with well laid motorable roads, an in house bakery, a residential hostel etc.,) the principal announced in the assembly that "Today's session would be the last one for this academic year".

I gave a farewell speech in the assembly and soon after in the class rooms, I was flooded with 'Please continue...Mam', 'Miss you, mam'....'We will put to practice what you have taught, Mam etc...and the children gave me lovely personalised handmade greeting cards.

I was deeply touched by the genuine love and affection of these kids. It made me wonder why I had'nt opted for teaching as a profession before. (I was a hardware design engineer who hated teaching.. even now I don't consider full time teaching as my forte).

Even if two/ three children have been influenced by my sessions that would be a great achievement for me.


  1. Well teaching is a life changing experience. When students look up to you, you feel as if you are on top of the world. :)

  2. wonderful!!

    connecting with children and making them think is so needful nowadays
    great job!

  3. teaching is such a great profession, I started my career wit hthat .. spent 2 years doing it and have made some very good friends for life ..

    and when its children its so good cause they are so impressionalbe and it would be such a pleasure to see them do great in life and think you helped a bit in that :)


  4. spending time with children is always something refreshing....
    and yaa.. when few of them are grown up and comes to you as a person with great moral n character then you won't find anything more satisfying then that....

    Best wishes,

  5. Most rewarding experience - teaching and interacting with children!

  6. good memories amma, I too will follow your words amma.I too like my teachers.