Friday, February 25, 2011

'Amar' Uncle pai

The seeds of my reading interest were sown with books from India Book House(IBH).

I still remember the exhibition of IBH held at glass house, Lalbagh where my father got my first Amar chitra katha (ACK) titled Ganesha for just 2rs then. The beautiful color illustrations, language and the stories of ACK took me to various kingdoms, jungles, magical landscapes and introduced to many a mythological stories and folktales.

Not just me, ACK and Tinkle has been a companion for many during their growing years and instrumental in enriching them with knowledge of Indian culture,values and mythological stories.

Tinkle another product of IBH was a favorite which I read since it's second issue. Longing to see my name in the tinkle issue, I used to regularly write to uncle pai and post the answers for TTT(Tinkle Tricks and Treats). Though the answers were right only the first 10 entries would be published. I would get the Tinkle stickers and autographed photo of Uncle Pai.

ACK's are my children's bedtime treasury and doubles as a reference book too. They are able to correlate their history lessons to ACK's like the great rulers of India.

The credit for shaping and connecting many Indians to their roots and culture goes to this man from Karwar. - Anant pai.

You will be missed dearly, Uncle Pai.


  1. :( felt very sad wen i saw the news. I loved his science exp section in tinkle. They were far more interesting than the lab sessions in school tht time. ur post title says it all

  2. @ms.chitchat, gils and raji aunty- thanks for sharing your thoughts.