Wednesday, July 23, 2014

To my little princess

The horlicks bottle in the cupboard,  the purple water bottle and tiffinbox that I packed all these days,the towel on the laundryline, the school uniform, the books stacked on the cupboard all remind of me of you sweet heart.

I am not in the present since you left for college and hostel today morning.  I am turning pages of your 17 year old  past since the day you touched our heart and changed our world forever.

I am reminiscing about the times you started gurgling,, the first smile, the first step you took, your first day to school, the way you took care of your little bro, your walks with thatha and patti to the temple for kovil prasadam, to the park, the day you stood on the wooden stool and practised for your first recitation poem " the foreign lands" which got you second prize, the day your photo was published in " the hindu" for the "dance" garam chai ki pyali ho" at age 5 at town hall,  your first film shooting forthe kannada movie " Amma ninna tholinalli", your zest to join the dance class at Dinky's, music class with Pankaja aunty, though you were conventionally young to join. the first prize for cursive writing, the many all rounder awards you received. 

So many of your growing  memories are playing in my mind that my work has come to a stand still.  Your interest to participate in all co-curricular activities, the day you went for your first school trip to nagarjunasagar, the birthday parties that we hosted till the age of 9 and when on your 10th birthday you said you want to celebrate it by feeding the poor, your playtime with your friends and brother( also your fights), our huggies and pampers time where i hug tightly for a few minutes and pamper you both before going to bed, our quiz time with my tummy as buzzer, our story time with karadi tales, your fight time with your brother, your food tantrums and so many more.........  

You brought/ bring so much of joy to us, your smile, your maturity to handle thing and your profound talks always awe us.You are like a ray of sunshine for somebody who has lost his/her hopes on humanity.

I admire the way you make use of every opportunity that comes your way and light up everything and everyone you come in contact with. Your address seems to be your sweet smile for that is how you are identified with “S, the girl with that sweet smile”.

 You put in you heart and soul into whatever you do and to see you enjoy is the joy of my life.

We taught you to believe in yourself, we gave you wings to fly. We made it as strong as we could by providing you the best possible, so that you can take that steady and healthy soar towards your dreams and aspirations.

 But i know as you leave the nest and take your solo flight for your studies , I am sure you will face  the world boldly, confidently, excel and be happy..
The world might see you as a beautiful 17 year old but for me and appa you are untouched by time, You are our cute little princess occupying the throne forever in our heart.

Best wishes to you sweet heart, have a happy flight towards your dreams. May god always have his protecting hand around you. Love you loads that i have no vocabulary to write, tears are welling up my eyes. 


  1. Dear Asha,

    Such a beautiful post and one that comes straight from the heart. I don't know what to say but I could feel the overwhelming love layering each word, adding more depth to its meaning and impact. As kids grow up, I think we as parents look back to their earliest's nostalgic, beautiful and painful to travel back, revisit those golden days...I do it already, so I know and I can understand.

    I loved this best! >>> 'The world might see you as a beautiful 17 year old but for me and appa you are untouched by time, You are our cute little princess occupying the throne forever in our heart.' So true, from parents' perspective.

    Wishing your daughter all happiness, success and God's abundant love, light and energy in all that she undertakes. She is so lucky to have loving parents like you and especially, a mom who manifests thoughts as beautifully as you do on this blog.

    My loving wishes to you all once again, keep writing and inspiring us more.

  2. Memories. Sweet Memories. Fond Memories. Beautiful.

    Best wishes to her from me too.

  3. I know hw you feel Asha, When time comes nestlings mature and fly out of the nest. I remember leaving my son in hostel after his 12th.Years have passed . memories linger .and I am sure those days are never going to come back again

  4. All parents feel the same way, when their children leave home especially, the mothers. I can totally relate to the feelings expressed so beautifully by you. Our congratulations to your daughter!

  5. Congrats Asha. I, as a mother can relate to your feelings. These are mixed feelings. Feeling lonely without your loving daughter and pride that she has done so well so far and will bring more accolades in future.

  6. Letting the child fly is one of the hardest things for a parent to do. Best wishes young girl for all the success and happiness ahead. And a hug for you the parents as you face the cauldron of emotio9ns.

  7. Thank you people for your love and warm words. It was a mixed feeling, felt better after writing my thoughts here.