Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Batu temple caves - A Murugan temple in a cave

Enroute to KL, we stopped at Batu caves, a famous Murugan temple outside India. One can't miss the magnificient golden Murugan statue from afar while traveling back and forth from Genting. The golden color and the height beckons you.

When you move closer to the temple, you will find it truly marvelous against the limestone backdrop and dense greenery. The 
sight is a naturalist's delight. At first glance, the beauty of the place at ground level is overtaken by the various commercial shops all around. But, they in no way rob the spiritual and geographical richness of the place.The main temple is supposed to be at the cathedral cave or temple cave, which is the largest of the caves. Some 100 years ago, A tamilian by name Thambipillai is said to have dedicated this temple to the lord since the entrance to the cave resembled a ‘Vel’( weapon of the lord). 

One has to undergo a cardio stress test of ascending 250+ steps to reach this temple. We were short of time and also energy and so this ended as a photostop for us.

But, there are a series of small caves at the base which have turned into art museums and small shrines dedicated to the Lord’s father and brother – Lord shiva and Lord Ganesha. The famous tamil festival ‘Thai poosam’ draws a huge crowd of devotees to this temple.

The statue of the lord is 140 feet and is supposed to be the second tallest hindu idol in the world. Stands beside the 270 step stairway leading to the 114 year old temple

                           Don't miss the backdrop. 400 million year old limestone stalactites and stalagmites supposed to be nature's wonder is home to various endangered fauna.
                               Entrance of the stairway typical dravidian temple design. The staircase is supposed to have many landings where you get beautiful city views.

The cave temples at the ground

floral garlands just like in india but only here one can find orchid garland


  1. Yes, because of the nature of the Indian immigration to Malaysia and Singapore, the chief deity in Murugan and the chief Indian festival is Thai Poosam.

    And more nice photographs :)

  2. This part of city looks like India! The orchid garlands are a novel thing!