Friday, July 25, 2014

Fragrance from heavens - Jasmine of the sky

A few months back I walked out of my lift and crossed path with a friend who was enjoying the fragrance of a flower. She immediately brought the flower close to me and said “ Smell this flower, it has a lovely fragrance" .  I smiled back at her on inhaling its ethereal fragrance. I told her this flower is not strange or new to me and I have known it since my student days and  walked away but the lingering fragrance sent me to my pre-university days.

Among the many trees that adorn the avenues of Bangalore, this flowering tree (Indian cork tree) adorned my walkway to my pre-university college in Malleswaram. All along the pathway, the trees that were tall and giantly had clusters of fragrant blossoms hanging from the top that  almost spread its perfume into the whole neighbourhood and even maybe heavens. The beautiful flower clusters which were pristine white in color were called by so perfect a name ‘Akasha mallige’ or ‘Jasmine of the sky’. With even a slight breeze, the flowers would shower on you like  scented  blessings from heaven. 

The sweet smell would tingle your nasal senses and spread its beautiful fragrance all over in no time. I and my friends would enjoy walking past it to get lovely whiffs of its ethereal fragrance. We have tried to put them between the pages of the book but the waxy sap of the flowers would leave a stain on the page and so we avoided that. So,  I and my friends would pick them from the ground and smell it on the way to our  college or back home.

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I’m still  so in love with this simple unassuming scented wonder of nature called "Jasmine of the sky". It's scent is subtle and pleasant that it can linger on you long after you have passed through the stately trees. Sometimes, like  Pooh  said of (Winnie the pooh fame) " the smallest things take up the most room in your heart" and many times,  creations like this sweet smelling ‘akasha mallige” takes up a lot of room in my heart .

 This tree grows in my neighborhood now and during spring season I walk over to the place just to catch the lovely whiffs of this heavenly fragrance. I also pick some to float them in urulis and the lovely fragrance fills the whole room, cloaking me with warmth and tranquility

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  1. The sweet smell of Jasmine is intoxicating.

  2. Havent seen this tree/flower. But yes, agree with Pooh, sometimes the smallest things evoke such an avalanche of happiness and memories!

    1. pooh's quote is so true. Isn't it shilpa:) BTW, don't miss this tree next time in Bangalore.