Thursday, July 3, 2014

The signature of KL- Petronas towers

One of the ubiquitous feature in KL skyline apart from KL tower is Petronas towers or the twin towers. One can’t go around the city without  crossing  this tower. So by the end of the trip,  one could be tired of its sight which is visible from most parts of the city . My first close visit was during the KL city tour. It was around noon when the clouds were cast. The walls of steel reflected the clouds and the building looked like a shiny steel gray building. We  stopped here only for  a photo session. Our driver said that he could get tickets for the following morning to go up the tower. We were open to this idea and thought it would be nice to go up the skybridge to have a view of the city.
Since our itinerary was very tight the next day, we decided to skip the skybridge  as by then we had viewed the sprawling city from the observation deck of KL tower.
But we often awed at the lighted version of the twin towers when we passed through it and decided we would come here on the final day  to click some photos.
And so on the final day, in the evening we went to Petronas. I was initially reluctant to walk till there as i was tired of its sight. But I was wrong,  seeing it from afar or even by the day and seeing up close in its lighted glory are two different things.  And you would struggle trying to get the entire building in one frame on your camera.
It was funny to see people around lying on the floor and squatting to get the picture in one frame.

As for me, I loved watching the lighted twin towers sitting in the small platform in front of it.  Besides, me were so many  foreigners who silently watched the  gargantuan glory. The lighted beauty, the well-maintained garden, pathway   and   the  sound of only  the  fountains radiated  a sense of peace in me.  Unbelievable but true, cos just behind me,  across the glass tile  wall was the traffic of the city.  For that magical  feeling alone, Petronas deserved a separate post from me.  It was very difficult to pull myself out of the place. Absolutely  sublime moments those!

                                                             From the road
                                              See the facade of glass and steel reflect the sky

quite a task to get the towers in  a single frame from close quarter
After many attempts we did or my family did get them in one frame. we got better pictures when our family posed. 

The suria KLCC mall which stores world famous brands
                                         Loved the sound of the waterfall from the fountain. Do you see them below the flash light
                           I turned back to find this festive bunting on the road. Our driver said this is a permanent fixture. And don't miss KL communication  tower standing shyly in the frame
                                         The DBS bank right opposite KLCC. The whole area around looks lighted.
                                 That is the platform in the foreground where we sat and experienced the magical sight

                                           You can read about KLCC tower, its architecture and constituents. This was a hurried pic from my handphone. so could'nt capture in full
                                             The rest of the details about KLCC park are here, in case you are interested.

My next post : KL to S'pore by road.


  1. Asha,it must have been a very memorable trip. The photographs are enchanting. We think that our Malls are are fabulous, but in comparison our malls are nothing.

  2. beautiful pics mam.. thank you for sharing


  3. Yes, there is a certain majesticity about tall buildings. Pity, they don't allow you to go all the way up at the Petronas tower.

    Imagine how it would be to go up to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai - haven't been there, but it must be breathtaking.

    Cannot wait for the overland journey between KL and Singapore. This is getting to be a lovely travelogue - must have been a wonderful vacation.

    1. Yes, Burj Khalifa's view must be breathtaking. Thanks Ramesh for the kind words.

  4. Wow! This makes me push Malaysia high up on our Must Visit Places list! :)