Monday, February 8, 2016

My latest addiction -Mandala art.

One afternoon, when I was browsing through an hobby ideas group, I came across a beautiful art work. The work of art was on a discarded wine bottle, intricate and bright with candy colors. It attracted me so much that often between other work, I went back to the page to have a look at this art work.The colors and the design played on my mind even after i left the page.  Although it looked simple at first look, definitely years of practice and dexterity  showed on the work.

 I immediately took a pen and paper and let my imagination take off with that bottle art as my inspiration. No strict rules, I did’nt even replicate what I captured of the picture in my mind. I let my fingers and mind co-ordinate and the resultant picture   was definitely not a patch on that art but when I had enough of that doodling, I came out of that enchanting experience, refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated. 

Without even my own knowledge I realized this was the Mandala art when done with in circle. Yes Mandalas are spiritual drawings....Whichever comes into the circle is called Mandala like earth,flower,fruit......When you do this art with complete focus on it, it is nothing  but Meditation...... Mandalas reflects our personality....It carries lot of emotions was what I heard from a meditational expert. I was amazed I got into this, it sounded so much like a cross between Zentangle and our Indian Kolam.

Here are some of my work in a collage. Some of them I have painted, as you can see this is amateur art, I also discovered during this journey that, doing something with a passion for yourself is the best art! So please overlook the crooked lines, shivering  arcs, I have miles to go………....hopefully, somebody, will reach and try to make that work of art that I admired. Till then, all the plain paper, invitations,old paints, diaries,sketch pens and note pads  that come my way will see my art patterns.

and i have to leave this post with a quote i loved reading recently by Neil it is.......

I complete day 4/7....hopefully will have something to say tomorrow...:)


  1. Spine poetry, and now Mandala Art... I am learning new things all the time :) I don't know what a zentangle is either !

    Keep going. Its not 4/7 ; its 4/30 !

    1. Thank you Ramesh! Zentangle is a similar fun way of drawing which relaxes and helps you to focus. 4/30 could be taxing:) will stop for now at 7.