Thursday, February 4, 2016

My First Book Spine poetry

When you look at a book shelf, the spines of the books with their titles sometimes connect to form a meaninful sentence, phrase or thought.  A little more careful look and a few rearrangements later can help you come up with a beautiful  thought or poem. This is  book spine poetry and this art with book titles first appeared in Nina Katchadourian's Sorted book project, which is one of the longest ongoing spine poets project and Nina is one of the most skilled person in this genre which began in 1993.  

I first came across this concept in Shilpa Garg's blog couple of years back. Since then, I have been wanting to try this but it took me yesterday's afternoon to  make one.

 My  mini collection of books is spread across three rooms. Yesterday, at noon, I was looking at my drawing room book shelf, Icould not compose anthing meaningfully, then i brought a few books from each room and tried to rearrange to  make something meaningful.

Today when I read the same, I was'nt convinced. I knocked off one book from that stack and composed this making it my first spine poetry.

                                      Wise and otherwise; Angels & Demons,
                                                   Love'em or Lose'em,
                                                    If tomorrow comes,
                                                     Going solo...
                                                     The leader in you
                                                     Dare to win

I meant to say "whatever the odds/evens, when tomorrow comes, the leader in you dares to win going solo.

Is that Ok?


  1. Aha! That's a good one! Liked it a lot! And it's so good to see your maiden spine poetry, Asha! Looking forward to more poetry with books from your end. Cheers ♥

    1. Thank you Shilpa, Your posts inspired me to make one. sure , will try more....

  2. Wow - never knew of the concept of "spine poetry". This blogathon has been educational since I now know what chanticleer is :):)

    Write a full poem now ....