Monday, October 6, 2014

From terminal to terminal @ Changi

All good things come to an end and so this final post of  my memory making (first international) vacation. 

It was the last day and time to return to reality called home.We decided to leave to the airport early so that we would have ample time to go around the airport and its shops. For the 2.30 flight to KL, we had reached the Terminal 1 of airport at 11.OO. After the touristy formalities we were left wih a handbag, a backpack and 3 hours of time, it was  only then I looked up and I was wonder struck at the place around me!!

 Fantastically spic and span despite its many travellers and that beautiful arrangement that went up and down in sync which was called Kinetic Rain sculpture. Supposed to be the world's largest kinetic art installation you see the sculpture dance in precise and fluid movements. An awesome sight!!

We picked up the Changi guide, turned the pages and marked the places we wanted to see. It hosts endless fun and it was clear from the guide that it  is built to spoil a traveler with big screen TVs, free massage chairs, many food courts,innumerable shops, themed gardens, free wi-fi etc under its beautiful ceiling.

 The first one we marked to visit was the butterfly garden which we missed in Sentosa and so off we went to board the skytrain to T3, the place of the garden. From there we went in and out of the many shops and I realized what the husband all along had  said about “shopping at Changi” was true. I had deferred my shopping in the city thinking that I would shop at the much acclaimed and advertised  economical Changi’s duty free retail shops. My husband’s many warnings that Changi was expensive fell on my deaf ears then.

 No doubt the stores had exclusive and beautiful items which were not found in the regular stores of Singapore.  A Rado costed just 75000$ after discount. So shopping at Changi was out for me  but we walked in and out and updated ourselves in the various shops.  Then we took a sky train again to T2 and went posing in front of the enchanted garden, koi garden, orchid garden. The photos will sure remind of the blissful fun and our memory making vacation.

  We lived, breathed, ate and drank fun in the whole week and I could recall how much my teens managed and enjoyed this trip.I am sure they will remember this trip for a long time and even if they did forget the experience, I am happier knowing their memories have been noted here.

Some photos from changi. It never felt like an airport except the immigration and runway area. 

Click on it to feel the place

Beautiful gardens like this with a huge sunflower are good  photo spots at Terminal 3

                                    Indonesian tourism stall

                                The route to our most wanted garden since we missed it at Sentosa, ofcourse Sentosa would have been bigger than this but glad we caught a glimpse of this lovely garden too.

                              And here it is......1000's of butterflies flitting all around you and you find some on your own dress and hands too.

                                   They all live in such landscaped greenery
One of  her  best clicks my daughter  says

The pitcher plant i remember reading during my school days in "tinkle', i saw it live here. It traps any insect that hovers around the lid by closing and the plant eats the insect.

                        It truly is a shopholic’s paradise but for the extravagant and not for minimal shoppers like me

                 That's the beginning of terminal 2 which houses the orchid garden and enchanted garden

                            Glimpse of the enchanted garden with rain forest surroundings and Koi Pond

                                             Flower art within a narrow mouthed glass enclosure.   Beautiful Ain't it?

                                 Orchids orchids everywhere in hues of yellow,
Blue, purple, pink, mauve......totally in awe at this place 

                                                  The watch tower of Changi

                                                            Oh yes, it is an airport:)


  1. Indeed. Changi is one of the, if not the, finest airports in the world. The onoly drawback is that for poor mortals such as yours truly, we can only gaze at the windows of the shops !

    Wonderful series Asha. You have captured your entire trip so very nicely. Of course, we should have expected no less from a travel writer, but still there was a special nicemness to this. Thanks for sharing and for the pleasure you have given us readers.

    1. Thank you Ramesh for the generous words especially coming from you, who himself is a widely and frequently travelled man . I consider it a honour and truly humbled by the comment. Thanks so much.

  2. Changi is one of the best airports in the world. Also, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  3. OMG! All this at an airport!! Wow!! Truly wonderful and spectacular! Thanks for sharing, Asha! Loved this post :)

    1. Yes, shilpa at some places it felt like a dream, what's more it was absolutely spic and span!!! Glad you loved the post, shilpa. Thank you.