Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I am a proud Indian, always have been and will be:)

The Bishop's house was their office, the nearby church was their control room, cycles were used for ferrying rockets and they used naked eyes to track the smoke plume at thumba in Kerala. They even converted a toilet into a data receiving centre for their first satellite Aryabhata at Bangalore.

From their initial days when infrastructure was not available to yesterday's  Mangalayaan in orbit, The Indian space odyssey has come a long way.

I am  proud to have been associated with ISRO (92-94) and work under some its brilliant engineers for designing outsourced onboard PCB's( printed circuit board). 

 Super Proud of ISRO!!!


  1. I applaud their achievement. I am proud of them. At the same time, I want to know what is the use for spending on such missions. To be at par with USA and Russia? At least launching satellites have financial payback,

  2. I understand what you are saying SG, spending money on missions like this can’t be afforded by a developing country like ours is what you mean.

    But ISRO is capable of financing its mission, it earns money through its SLV by helping other countries to set their satellite in space. Moreover this mission’s funding was not very expensive in relation to the making of an expensive movie.

    Think about it, If we don’t dare to dream big, we would remain a country of snake charmers. I believe space exploration, observation and telecommunication is no more a luxury but a necessity for a country like ours. It even inspires the younger generation to know that we are a research and development rich country and might even discourage the youth from brain drain.

  3. Wow! You were associated with ISRO! That's awesome! Kudos to our scientists at ISRO for achieving this feat! Truly spectacular work!

  4. Yes, Shilpa designing ISRO's outsourced PCB's was part of my work. I have travelled many times to ISRO, ISTRAC and interacted with VSSC' engineers. Oh yes, a salute to them for being successful in their maiden attempt and building it economically.