Sunday, October 12, 2014

A box/ tub full of delicious joy!!!

Neither do I have a large space of earth nor do i have a hoe, all i had was limited space where i threw in some earth, some seeds from my spice box and i turned the little earth with a broken fork, watered and she still did laugh a harvest...... a box and tub full of delicious and organic harvest.

My post Green story has pics of its beginning........

The 3 rows of methi seeds turned into a boxful of micro methi's in just 3 weeks time

                                                  and this is the ending
The boxful of joy morphed as delicious joy on plate in the form of menthiya keerai sambar, methi thepla and alu-methi on different days.

                                   the aromatic herb falling all over a butter tub in my balcony.....

enhanced the aroma and taste to the tangy tomato rasam in my kitchen

The happy mini or even  micro gardener in me is contented with the harvest grown from home grown organic wastes(compost)

You tickle the earth not just with a hoe, but even with a broken fork and she still laughs a harvest. That must be the miracle of Mother Earth. 


  1. Its amazing isn't it. In such a small place, and with such small inputs, life sprouts in all its glory. In addition to the bountiful harvest, it also teaches us respect and awe for life. It truly is a miracle.

    Wishing you ever more greening of your house.

  2. Wow! This is so awesome and your methi looks sooo fresh and green! Love your initiative to grow organic stuff in your balcony. Proud of you!

  3. Glad you are growing organic veggies in your kitchen/balcony garden.

  4. Wonderful and soothing to the eye- the green

  5. Lovely Asha!
    Now you can proudly, and truly enjoy them.