Friday, August 1, 2014

Sentosa to Siloso

 Sentosa hailed as Singapore’s playground was our next stop. It was 2.15 when we left for Mount Faber, our driver( not the friendly Mathews, it was sulky Thomas) dropped us there and gave a few instructions. He told us to take the cable car and asked us not to alight at the first stop which was harbor front. The second stop was Sentosa. We walked towards the queue, after a 15 minute wait, we boarded the cable car. This time unlike my first cable car ride in Malaysia where I got to see the rainforest vistas,  here we saw the busy harbor of Singapore. Even as we were talking about the fantabulous water views,we sighted a beautiful castle down below(universal studio is also in sentosa). 
On reaching Sentosa we walked towards Imbiah Lookout. Our first visit was to Underwater world oceanarium. We saw the under water world, pink dolphin show(only climax), had a luge ride(only my family, i stayed away), 4D movie etc., I will tell the rest through my pics.
We missed seeing/doing many things like butterfly park, songs of the sea and tiger tower although we had tickets. The lengthy queues and the rains robbed us of our time and joy. 
At around 7.30, we started walking towards Beach car park where our driver said would be waiting for us. It was a lengthy walk over a steep pathway that took us down to Siloso. It was dimly lit by the decorative lighted trees. At some places, it was pitch dark that you had to take a cautious step. The rains had made the pathway slippery too. Even among all this, we did’nt forget to stop at the Merlion café. 
At Siloso, there was so much to do and see, but we were short of time.

                               all the above pics enroute sentosa , taken from cable car.

                                                 There is nobody to guide you around except such big indicators. One has to be aware of the timings  of the show to see around the place.  At the end of the trip, i found a map holder which held maps for all the attractions. But even to this place somebody has to direct you, right? I wish they gavethe maps and details  with the tickets itself.

                                                    Above pics from  oceanarium
The original inhabitants of this place  happily roaming around. Developing this resort has resulted in loss of rainforests and so many rainforest animals have lost their homes. 

                  The pink dolphin show. they melted our hearts with their endearing playfulness but we almost missed the show , enjoyed the last few minutes.

This is one of the adventure ride here called skyline luge. . At first you race down in a gravity thrill bike called luge. You cruise down a jungle trail driving solo  around 650metre. At the end of which you board the skyride in pic. you get a scenic bird's eye view of sentosa, singapore skyline and south china sea. Below is one such view taken from skyride.( i hate adventures and so stayed out, but my adrenaline junkie family enjoyed it)

I was sad about missing this ride. It was raining and so the ride was temporarily closed. We waited for 15 minutes but it never opened. Going up this ride would have been an unique experience. It has a glass enclosure which holds 75 persons and  gives a 360 view of singapore and even faraway islands malaysia and indonesia . This is the tiger tower.
On our way to silosa, a click of resorts island sentosa

The merlion at merlion cafe, 
The sentosa merlion is the biggest of all merlions in Singapore
This was the beginning and so the pathway was well lit. 

 beautiful lightings at some places , at some places there was absolutely no light

P.s:  BTW Sentosa is derived from the sanskrit word Santhosa which means' peace and calm' in malay


  1. Every post of yours, we learn something new. Never knew what Sentosa meant before.

    Sentosa is good, but alas way too crowded. No fun at all with those huge crowds.

    You opted out of the ride ???? How did your son and daughter let you escape ? I was hoping to see a photo of you grinning broadly with hands in the air :):)

    1. yes, i stood in the Q for nearly 40 minutes and finally chickened out when i saw a man topple down hill.

      Like you mention, many came grinning broadly wtih hands up in the air. That moment i thought i should have taken the ride:(

  2. Glad you and your family had a great time. Thanks for these beautiful photos.

  3. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lovely pics and i am glad you all had such fun , you should have taken the ride


    1. YEs bikram, i should have. i compensated it the next day at universal studios:)

  4. The underwater world oceanarium must be spectacular and so must be the dolphin show. I'd love to go for the skyline luge. Sounds so exciting! :)

  5. Underwater world is good, no doubt, but over hyped i felt. There is more at siloso & sentosa is what i felt. If you like adventure sports siloso is the place to be. About that luge, even i felt i should have gone:(