Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A mesmerizing evening with" Garden Rhapsody" and....

In continuation with my post on "gardens by the bay".......

We were the last to walk out of the flower dome when the supervisor locked gate and there were very few people in the garden outside. 

We were walking on the pathway watching the supertrees displaying the change of lights. We found a viewing deck a few metres away and with darkness and foliage for company, we watched the dazzling display of lights against the dark sky.

The beautiful swirls and patterns the lights were making in rhythm with the music was mesmerizing. This is called the "Garden rhapsody" or the sound and light show of the supertrees.

The show ended around 10, we followed the exit sign to MRT bay terminal and we were walking past the heritage gardens and through the Singapore river bridge connecting us to Marina bay sands.

Yet again,  another mesmerizing view struck us. We stood on the river bridge in awe looking at the magical view. Infront of us was the illuminated Singapore flyer, on one side was the lit supertrees and conservatories and on to my left was the illuminated marina bay sands hotel and the water below was shimmering in the reflection of those lights.  What a multi-sensory delight!!  I stood there for sometime and found difficult to pull myself out of the view. The sights made the evening memorable.

We reached the MRT terminal in Baysands hotel but we decided to take a taxi since my daughter’s leg pain had worsened. She had a bad landing at the luge at Sentosa.

We travelled down two escalators  to take a taxi and....... OMG!!

What do I see!!! I mean,  were’nt the beautiful sundown sights of Singapore enough to make the evening memorable?

But no,Here there were canals on which gondola’s were parked. On either side of the canal were pathways for the luxury brand stores and the lighting around the place made the place like a dream. Unfortunately, we had no time to go around the luxury stores in that gondola or click photos.

I went to the help desk  counter to find the route for the taxi stand. He told us to take back the same escalator with which we came down.

Finally, we took an MRT to the hotel 3kms away to call it a day. And, what a day it was!

Definitely a mesmerizing evening to remember till my memory lasts.
Check the Garden rhapsody shots below

The supertrees are uniquely designed vertical gardens upto 50 metres tall. 

                                                                They have large canopies that provide shade in the day.

The super trees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions. Some have photovoltaic cells on their canopies to harvest solar energy for lighting up the supertrees.

                            The OCBC skyway connects one supertree to another and acts a pathway for the visitor to walk around and have an aerial view of the place.
OCBC is  the name of the bank that sponsored the Garden rhapsody and pathway(Some oriential chinese banking corporation?)

                                          Wow! This sight from river bank is indescribable for me.

The singapore flyer, in front  a few supertrees and the lit conservatory to the left( notice the reflection on the river)
to my right was the marina bay sands park hotel , The mesmerizing composition of sights sent me into a trance.
It looked as though we came all the way not to take a taxi but  to see the basement of the hotel  which had the  dream sight (venetian canal).  All along our stay there,  we had planned to see the terrace of the hotel which had infinity pool and park. (we missed seeing the canopy park but were glad to have found the venetian canal)

My next post: Changi airport


  1. I am glad you all had a mesmerizing evening. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  2. A colourful post, literally and figuratively. But seriously, milady, do you expect us to believe "we had no time to go around the luxury stores" ??? :):)

    1. oh yes, we were exhausted running the whole day without proper food. So no energy to go around luxury stores. NExt time, sure would love to go window shopping atleast:) Thanks ramesh

  3. Amazingly beautiful and seeing them live must be a fabulous experience!

    1. This one experience which is not part of singapore travel brochure was worth the visit, shilpa. Absolutely fab experience.