Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Movie ride at Universal Studios:)

* A long visual post alert*

Sentosa beckoned us the next day too, but this time our playground was Universal studios(US).
Universal studios,Singapore   is a mini replica of  Hollywood movies and brings you some of the movies alive. You get a real feel of  the movies that you have watched on celluloid screen by experiencing  the  cutting edge rides based on the famous Hollywood movies Transformers, Shrek, Madagascar, Jurassic park, revenge of the mummy,  far far away, sesame street(spaghetti space chase)  etc.  The rides bring out myriad emotions  fear, thrill, fun, anxiety etc.,.  
Also, There are  interactive live shows, hollywood parade, characters meet and greet, street entertainment, lots of shops selling merchandise, hotels and mini cafes , a mini replica of hollywood ,  New York avenue settings etc.
After  our breakfast, we left by MRT to VIVO city mall. We booked ourselves on the monorail to ResortsWorld Sentosa(RWS). After arriving at RWS, we followed the indicators to US. We did some homework the previous night and we learnt arriving early would not see us as a part of lengthy queue.
The place is pretty big and although there were  navigation indicators it was better to know the  happening rides and show timings.  So, the first thing we did was to find a map holder.  We picked up  the free maps and orientated ourselves about the place.
 We decided to start our route anti-clockwise since we wanted to ride the Sci-fi movies first.

 I will make this a visual post again.  I will  share my thoughts and experiences below the pics. Fasten yourseat belts and harnesses as i take you along plenty of fun  with unexpected tumbles, swerves, fast Zips, sudden whips! I find it difficult to replicate my experience but will try. 

That's the beginning, right after the entrance, you are greeted by this globe

As you pass along such stores, you enter.....

...the first attraction.  we visited in "NEW YORK" was  sesame street, a ride into spaghetti space chase
The ride was through such beautiful thorough fares and suddenly there is a space chase and.....
...... we are thrown into space where you are among millions of stars( LED's), space ships etc. It was an amazing leap and left a happy feeling. a beautiful experience.
The next attraction was Sci-fi city and the most talked about and famous ride Transformer where you are part of the ultimate 3D battle to save earth from autobots.The above is the entrance, you queue through......
a tunnel where you have a glimpse of all the missiles used in the movie .The queue as you see was sparse since we were early visitors. This ride was a bit scary, so i often removed the 3d glasses. . One moment you are outdoors and suddenly you crash through a building's glass wall to indoors of a skyscraper. The crash amplifies the sense of speed. the ride is filled with exciting and scary moments where you also feel the visual mayhem through the 3D glasses apart from the water, steam and heat effects. 

After sci-fi city, we moved into Ancient egypt, where we rode a roller coaster "revenge of the mummy"with frightening mummies and ghosts. The next ride was Treasure hunters where we drove in an open jeep on the deserty sand of ancient egypt . We passed through treasures and wild snakes, scorpions etc.( forgot to take pics here) 

Next was the Jurassic park rapids adventure. A crazy rapids water ride through jurassic park where you find many dinosaurs. This rapid makes you wet since you pass through falls and there are unexpected swerves which drop the rapid into great depths. Many buy plastic raincoats from a dispensing machine for 7$. But we never felt the need, An exciting experience:) 

Another attraction in "The lost world" is a scheduled show called " water world". We came back here at 3.15 but spent the next few hours at ......

"Far far away" This had a beautiful castle which served as a backdrop for photos. The attractions here were a Shrek 4d adventure movie, an interactive donkey (eeyore) show which was boring and enchanted airways a mini roller coaster.

This is the water world show which had amazing stunts,live fire works, and suddenly as you are watching from the gallery, you find an aeroplane landing in the water. Absolutely thrilling show.
You see the fire in the water immediately after an explosion. The same scene is used in the movie "Khambakt Ishq"

We went back to far far away to see the live donkey show at 4.30. We expected the show too be very lively.

but the show of eeyore was boring, still we sat through the show

There were beautiful merchandise, chocolate shops and restaurants everywhere. Drinking water was also not a problem as there were many water fountains. 

                                                  The next attraction was "Madagascar"
Here we had an adventure cruise on a crate boat through the rainforests where we passed through many talking zebras, lions, snakes, giraffes etc., An unique experience but nothing adventurous as the show claimed.

Next was the hollywood attractions. We missed the beginning of the parade but caught up the final lap of the parade. There were many hollywood characters walking on the street,
This was my children's favorite Minion from "despicable me". we checked the merchandise, a small minion about 1" costed 7$. 

                        We signed off after clicking the Universal studio version of Merlion.

 After a tiring but interesting day we walked to board our monorail to vivo city. We were behind our schedule for Gardens by the bay. 


  1. Have been to the original Universal Studios here in California 4 or 5 times. After reading your post, want to see Singapore Universal Studios also.

    1. Oh! would love to know how different is the US one from Singapore. Hope you see the singapore one soon. The transformer ride is epic.

  2. I missed this one , I only had 2 days to stay and there is so much to do .. next time I am pakka visiting this place tooo


    1. YES Bikram, 2 or even 3 days isn't enough to see Singapore. Even i missed many things like the local tour. next time do visit the studio, this is a good experience.

  3. This part of your trip must be an absolute delight! My sister has been here and she is absolutely in awe and admiration for the Universal Studios. The Water World stunts must be spectacular! Thanks for a virtual tour to this amazing place, Asha :)

    1. Initially, i thought it would be more like a theme park,but the ride experiences are beyond words for me. Absolutely thrilling!! Yes, water world was like seeing a real movie. When the seaplane landed, water splashed over us.

  4. Must have been very nice to be a kid once more; wasn't it. These theme parks have a nice knack of doing that.

    1. YEs, never thought i would enjoy so much. lot of hardwork behind the theme parks, especially this was the best of the lot i have seen.

  5. Asha it must have been a unique experience. Each post of yours was so delightful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. My pleasure to share ma'am. i am glad my post delights you. Thanks so much for your generous words.

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