Friday, January 11, 2013

Pattipulam - The journey not the destination - 1

After touring Dakshinachitra, the next day morning we started at 7  to Nevyeli through Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry .This time instead of the regular NH45(short route), we decided to take SH49 also popularly called ECR( East Coast Road).  Many a times we had planned to travel this route to Neyveli, but time was always a premium and so we missed traveling this route which was inside our bucket since long.   So another cross on my bucketlist, since we  traveled this scenic highway to Pondicherry which is loaded with getaways like storky  lakes,  bayside resorts,  floating restaurants, theme parks, crocodile bank,  boating parlours,  artists village, roadside antique shops, fishing hamlets etc.,

At regular intervals, small  roads run perpendicular from the high way to reach the beach and we drove through one such lane to catch the beach waves and  experience the mid-morning routine @ Pattipulam - a fishing hamlet which was badly hit during Tsunami.  

Some shots enroute Mahabalipuram and at Pattipulam( some clicks may lack focus and clarity since taken from a moving vehicle). Click to feel the place.

 A backwater enroute, notice the storks in a straight line( taken from a moving vehicle on fast mode
                               the shimmering Bay of Bengal  taken again from a moving vehicle

The waves and shore at Pattipulam,

                           The fishing boats have reached the coast after their early morning work.  the fishermen go early in the morning at 4 and come back at 9. They sell their stock in the evening, the fish are cold storaged with ice till then. (info courtesy: Gopinath)
This  is Gopinath, a fisherman's son who was playing on the beach. A student of class 5. I liked the way he was balancing and told my son to click this shot. He was so happy and immediately he did the below acrobatic feat so that he could be captured again. 

            He was excited to see his photo in the camera and we were happy to see his radiant face. 

 Those little huts where the fishing nets and motors of the boats are kept made a beautiful sight. I liked the lighting in this pic.
                                     you will find many sculptures crafted at road side workshops on ECR
                              And the road leads to an  ancient open air  gallery of exquisite art  and a port of Pallava times -Mahabalipuram - A UNESCO world heritage site which is my destination.

Unknown places and routes like this make me feel that sometimes, the journey and not the destination is more interesting and fascinating and hence this series.  


  1. !! each picture speaks more than a 1000 words..well complimented by ur narration...oru documentaryoda transcript padicha epect coming :D

  2. Wow! Your wish was finally fulfilled. Did you buy anything from the roadside sculpture workshops?
    Interesting, and you are right, the journey and not the destination, which is more interesting, remains forever etched our minds

  3. So true - sometimes the journey is much more important than the destination. Although on this one, I dare say the destination was better :):)

  4. @ gils = thank you, for the nice words. The pics were by my children. will tell them this:)

    @ rama - yes, but at the cottages near mahabalipuram directly from the artisans. Thank you:)

    @ ramesh - yes, the destination was good too. Thank you:)

  5. Good that one more thing got ticked off from your bucket list! And what a beautiful place... amazing captures!

  6. yeah, one more ticked off, thanks shilpa:)