Sunday, January 27, 2013

A moment of pride @ the parade grounds on R-day

I could'nt rest till i wrote this, that is why despite a busy weekend, i took off time to write this.

Yesterday morning, for the first time,  i watched a  live R-day parade at the parade grounds, secunderabad.  Duirng my school days have been part of the school band, never remember participating in college and then later days R-day meant cultural mornings and flag  hoisting at our children's school  or at the celebrations at our building society.  A few years, i have only watched the  parade on TV but never in person.

For the first time, we had the privilege of watching it live. We got an invitation from Government of AP through my daughter's school. The H and son who were on a family function trip to Bangalore reached sec'bad only by 8.00 due to delay in the bus arrival. But despite all the discomforts and the security checks enroute  we managed to reach the venue - The parade grounds, Secunderabad by 8.40 which was the time mentioned for the invitees to be seated.Yet again,  a privilege  we enjoyed due to our child. My daughter was part of the 50 member contingent selected by her school for the  R- day parade.

 The Governor of AP  led the celebrations by unfurling the national flag and reviewed the colorful parade by contingents of  the IAF, defence establlishments, police, homeguards, NCC, NGC and a few schools.  This was followed by the tableaux depicting the vaiours development and welfare schemes of AP governement.

It was another moment when we were puffing with pride and this time not just because of my daughter's presence but because of the efforts, time, hardwork put forth by my country men. The amount of hardwork, patience, practice, dedication, discipline  all were translated when they paraded past us in such synchronization, that for a moment looked like they were not soldiers or humans but some mechanized robots.Infact for my dot, it was 5 hours of practice from morn 7 to 12 in the hot sun in the parade ground for a fortnight preceding the R-day. Many swooned during the practice, my daughter suffered sun burns,tan and exertion, but they never gave up. It must have been more intense for the armed and defence forces.

 The governor presented best armed contingent award in the end. First prize to EME centre(Army),  second prize to artillery centre.  In the juniors category , my daughter's school picked up the second prize, first prize went to NCC girls and third prize to National Green corps(NGC).

Now, will let my pictures speak, for i have no words in my vocab to express my feeling. Cameras were not allowed inside and i have clicked using my mobile, which takes time to capture and release , so despite focusing, you might find some pictures in half. I am not able to follow up the photos with the contingents name since the name announced did not coordinate with the contingent which paraded in front of me. It was announced only when it passed in front of the Governor.(click on it to feel the event)

The contingent ( far end) stood like these for nearly 4 hours. To avoid giddiness and maintain glucose levels, many were chewing gums


                            And now the tableaux presenting various state welfare schemes

Rajiv arogyasri, health program

                                                 Rythu sri - a welfare program for the mechanization of farming

 a special tableau depicting  the year of telugu language and culture. the front of this tableau is captured in the pic above this.(3rd prize)

'Mana bhiyam' means 'our rice' scheme where rice is offered at re 1 for BPL family. Don't miss the one rupee coin above the sack of rice.

                              State forest department bagged the first prize in tableau

                                   A program to harness solar energy and conserve power by state energy dept
                                              second  prize winner (animal husbandry)

                                        Tableau of the minority commission department

                        AP tourism tableau depicting the temple of Lepakshi

                                                            The decorated amar jawan memorial


  1. Wonderful. Your daughter is a star . And how must your hearts have brimmed with pride.

    1. yes, with the drum beats, bugles, march, the announcement of the regiments name etc.,. A proud parent and a proud indian:)

  2. !!! ithana fotos!!! wowww :)) unga daughter march past panna foto iruka ithula?

    1. amam, fullto joshla uploaditten:) but they are different regiments and forces.

  3. Proud of your daughter, Asha! Very impressive.
    Seeing the various regiments parade and seeing the discipline and the colourful jhankis, truly fills us with pride for our forces and our country!

  4. Thank you:) Yes shilpa, pride engulfs us when we see such parades.