Saturday, January 12, 2013

Parentous - an adda for sharing parental experience

How much ever scientifically explained, parenting is still an art that parents have to customize according to the temperament  and needs of their  children. And each child is a rare, unique,  master’s piece. even the child that comes from the same gene pool are different.  

And while parenting such children we encounter lot of experiences enough to author a book.

 Parentous – an initiative by blogadda is one such destination for parents where many of us mom's and dad's  share our experiences. 

I have shared my experiences too.One of my latest post is about bonding with children called “ the magic of bonding”. Would like to have your view/thoughts/ ideas/ experiences.

the second article called " Gifting them precious memories"- my thoughts on  raising a child with our precious presence than  presents.

and third one on "Breakfast - a good investment for growing children". on breakfast being an essential part of children's life. ( actually even an adult's life ). I believe in the adage" Eat breakfast like a king, dinner like a pauper"/

Would appreciate your thoughts, perspective, ideas, comments, experiences.


  1. Very very true. Parenting is such an art and is so individual to the child and parent. Its a fearsome responsibility on the parent, for our actions can shape a child's life.

    "Presence rather than presents' - absolutely true. Equally as the child grows up, even presence is qualified as presence what the child needs, not necessarily omnipresence.

  2. Aah....omnipresence especially with tweens and teens. Thanks Ramesh, it is reassuring to hear from
    people like you:)