Monday, August 8, 2011

Where are we heading?

I had to shop for some needs in the nearby store and was looking for my jute bag, when suddenly I heard a huge commotion with a volley of abuses going back and forth, the amplified voices of my fellow residents would've put sound mics to shame and it almost shook the whole building. The drama unfolded in our parking lot and the event was our society elections. All the blocks were unanimously elected, while our block alone had a contest. The contest was also not with the intention to serve the society but an ego tussle between two groups.

Yes, groups - when many like minded people come together they form a group, similarly in my complex with more than 1000 families around there are many groups. Fair enough till now, but two of the groups indulge in mud slinging, hurling insult and the hate they harbor in their minds is so scary( wrt to society welfare affairs). All these were only on internet on our website but yesterday it spilled over when they came face to face during the polls.

An impulsive retort, a bitter truth , freely expressed opinion or an innocent joke are taken offensively and replied with bitterness.

Can we not express our dislike in a subtle way? Can we not adjust? Where are we heading? What precedent are we setting for our gen next?

And do you know the people who fought hold top positions in famous MNC’s which includes international banks, IT and pharmaceutical companies and the spectators of the clash were our complex children, service providers and our security men who must’ve chuckled from inside. What effect will it have on the children?

What shocked me more was when my son related the events to his father on skype.

Not just in societies, even I am witness to some marriages crumbling because of some flimsy reason like watching tv, disliking food. A sweet couple in their late twenties where both of them are very soft spoken and nice individuals, fight for the simple reason as to who has to lull the baby to sleep and the angry young man and lady fought in the corridor bringing the complex to their floor at 10.30 in the night. She a fashion designer with an airline was watching MTV and he an MNC engineer was watching cricket match. So much for education and their occupation. Can't they confine it to their walls?

And these fights are on TV reality shows and blogs too, The king of them of course is our politics......(we have had 8 bandhs in our state in the past two months)

What is it people irrespective of age have become so impatient and so revengeful? Why can’t they understand that people with different backgrounds, different school of thoughts can think differently and act differently? Why cant we respect other’s faith, religion and race?. Why is it that mighty people always assert and express aggressively and expect others to follow their way of thinking? Why are they so arrogant and always want to prove that they and only they are right?

Looks like values like peace, restraint, resilience, patience, love, affection, honesty are a thing of the past.

P.s: all sorts of people make this society, even the people who fought are from good backgrounds and extremely helpful,nice people. They are cultured and decent when it comes to their workstations only that their ego was rubbed the wrong way and they could not show some restraint and I had to rant.


  1. It is the present times, that is making people so stressful, they are not bad people as you say, but they are irritated by things totally unconnected, and it only needs someone to trigger something in them, that is enough to make them pour out like a volcano.

  2. Fighting (or swearing) in the society election, that to in the appartment election is lame and shame. Fighting with spouse is a differnt thing, its good and bad, one cant live withput those small fights, has to keep it down a little, doesnt let grow into a divorce.

    It would have been fun if u have recorded the swering event and published here, atleast the sound... :-)

  3. i agree with what rama says..hey rama is a famous blogger and cant go wrong..cheers

  4. intolerance is on the rise again.. I can see that everywhere (especially among kids of this generation).. wonder where we are all going wrong !!

  5. @ rama -- you're right. They are not able to withstand their stress and it turns into an outburst:)

    @ Ravi -- :))it was all related to corpus fund and it was'nt exactly swearing neither was it fun, it happens almost everywhere. one can catch it live too in almost all neighbourhoods:)

    @ramesh -- undoubtedly rama is a star blogger, you too are nothing less. The way you lace mundane incidents with humour and so briefly is enough to make you famous.

    @Bhargavi --- very true....parenting may be?

    @jagdish bali .. welcome and thank you:)

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