Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet his little warriors

HE is the man at the moment, he is everywhere - on TV, newspapers, journals, twitter,FB, blogs etc..Everybody across all ages, regions, caste,creed and even cutting across party lines people are chanting his name, so I had nothing new to say or write about him in my blog but last evening changed it all.

No prizes for guessing who the man is? I know that you all know him and that too very well....ok ok... I have given enough build up.. but no.. my post is not about him or about the mixed feelings i have for Jan LokPal bill....It is all about his star warriors, not about Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi or Bharat Bhushan.... but about those little unknown warriors...

Last week my 12 year old son came back from school and announced to me "Amma, I'm going to Necklace road with my friends", before i could ask him why? He went into his room and told his Grand mom - "Patti, you know Anna hazare is an old man like you, he is 74 years old and he is on a fast to save our country from corruption, it is our duty to strengthen his fight, so I and my friends have decided to join the rally at necklace road"

Oh, I now realised that the rally was the reason to head towards necklace road. Necklace road is on the banks of hussain sagar( a lake in hyderabad) it is hyderabad's answer to beach. Most hyderabadi's head to this place to hangout and it is also the venue of rallies, marathons and their likes.

Though we elders discouraged their presence at necklace road with an emphatic 'NO'. The teens, tweens and the little ones of our complex assembled at the amphitheatre of our housing society and we residents went on a candle light March. All this was last week.

But after yesterday's breakdown of talks with the government, Our co-residents organised a march to a place 2kms away and guess who once again stole our hearts by organising the whole march. It was our little Indian citizens again, since the rally was organised on a short notice that too on a weekday, the children went door to door calling all the residents to participate in the rally and by 7.30 , braving the rains many residents came out to join the rally.

While I watched the people march down the lane from my 5th floor balcony under the rainy dark sky, the whole sight reminded me of the scenes i saw in all those moving pictures depicting freedom struggle during our pre-independance days. The children with anna trademarked topi's, flags and some over-enthusiastic residents were carrying the fire torches (Mashaal) and the following chants rent the air,

"Ek do teen chaar, band karo brashtachaar......paanch chay, saath, aat... anna, hum hain aapke saath"

" Anna, aap jung lado... hum sab aapke saath hain"

Truly, the whole scene reminded me of the pre-independence struggle, they might call it the august kranti, the anna upraising, the revolt of 2011 or whatever, the spirit of the children was patriotic, feverish and infectious. From the various reports in media especially the student editions of newpapers, it is clear the same feeling is echoing in all the Indian streets, I really felt proud of Anna's little warriors.

Hopefully if they sustain the same feelings throughout their life, rest assured India is in safe hands.


  1. No doubt they will sustain same energy, same feeling throughout their life coz they have learnt the best way to protest and power of unity and democracy, the only thing they require is, support from their parents who can guide them in right direction throughout their life.

  2. I wish n pray that these young ones may get a chance to live in Corruption free India when they are grown....

    Lovely Post...:)

  3. Your post gave me goose bumps. Our little children can think so much and participate in march. yes , Our country in future would be in safe hands.. They are learning great values. We need to remove the trash first . It's elders responsibility , to provide them a health enviorn.

  4. Yes some people are really stupid when they claim that half the people protesting there in the Rama lila ground are ignorant, but it is not so, even villagers know what is lokpal bill and when questioned by Kiran Bedi who takes the Pathshala, making them aware of what it is that they are fighting, they answer correctly. I think it is high time our corrupt politicians understood that India has been awake for a long time but just did not know how to go about protesting in a civilised manner.
    It is high time these politicians came out of their kumbakaran slumber and started functioning like responsible citizens of our country.

  5. ooh do inspire ..neria kathukanum avangaltenthu

  6. .neria kathukanum avangaltenthu.. amam..amam..nice post yar...