Saturday, August 13, 2011

They are making memories.........

                                                         "Mirror in the middle"

                                                            "God in the middle"

Most parents of growing children would have heard the above lines or similar ones often at home. If not, read ahead……

I had rested my son one day from school since he had a severe dry cough. He was tired and sleeping on his bed when my daughter returned from school at 2.30. I had laid her lunch and was waiting for her to come to the table but she refused telling that she will have food only with her brother. He was in no mood to give her company and so he refused to eat with her, not one to listen my daughter went on nagging him to give her company. When he did not yield , she started bothering him by tickling and shouting into his ears, this irritated my son and finally he hit her.

Not wanting to be a mute spectator, I intervened and shouted badly at my daughter telling her not to bother him since he was unwell and went into the kitchen to do my work. A few minutes passed and while at work on the kitchen platform, my son came and tapped at my back, I turned around and my son had this to say,

“Amma, why did you interfere and shout at her? Ippo avo azhara paaru(see she is crying now), Go say sorry to her”

My jaws dropped at first and then I went Hmpfff......I deserve it.

A lesson learnt …. I decided that day, I would never interfere when these siblings fight.

But wait….Did I learn?

On an another day…...

This time again both of them had a fight, usually it’s over a rubber, pencil , pen, A4 sheet or for something trivial. My daughter a perfectionist who keeps her things clean and safely and my son who is just the opposite …….

This time I shouted at my son badly which sent him crying to the bed and now my daughter came to me and this was the dialogue that followed…

She : Amma, everytime he cries he ends with a bad cough and you are the one who suffers and takes him to a doctor, when he has a dry cough… why do you shout and make him cry?.

ME: It irritates me when you both fight. Stop fighting.

She: No ma, we are not fighting, We are making memories. These things are what we will remember when we grow up , so allow us to fight. You don’t interfere.

Now whenever there is a shout or fight, I never go in the middle it is either ‘God in the middle’ or ‘mirror in the middle’

Do you get the drift?

When one shouts the other says the above dialogue … it means god is in the middle so the other automatically stops shouting.. now who would shout at god?

Mirror? Now you all know mirror reflects…..

Like all siblings they rival and revel and when they revel they are so creative and come up with beautiful music compositions (between them they learn carnatic music, tabla and they learn keyboard from internet), art works and delicious recipes and help each other with their school projects… when they rival they send my head reeling….

Never mind the reeling…. They are making memories after all. Little wonder then this relationship calls for a celebration.

Happy Raksha bandhan to all those brothers and sisters celebrating this lovely relationship.

This post is for my son and daughter . After all they are making memories, while I’m recording them…..


  1. Beautifully written experiences of your life. It is true as parents we are always left with the dilemma:"To do or not to do".
    As long as they can handle the fights between themselves, it is good that we stay away from their nit pickings.

  2. Beautiful...

    I think both of them are right bcoz these are the moments that they are going to cherish in their whole life....

    Nice Post.

  3. ??!!!! wow..we kids these days..we do say the damnest things :D hehheee

  4. @ rama---- many a times I'm in a dilemma :)

    @ Irfan ---- thank you :)

    @ gils ---- oh...ho.. ippo dictionary meaning of kids mathitangala....LOL, nice one gils... yes you too comeup with such things that's why you find me regularly on your posts thank you :)

    brother and sister .. you interferring :) I loved it when he said this to you ...

    God bless both of them ... memories is what we have when we grow up and move on to pastures greener ...