Thursday, May 5, 2011

Water power!

I have always been interested to know about the reasoning of the various Indian practices, customs and rituals that we follow in our Indian culture. Our ancient native wisdom sometimes amazes me and some of us shun these practices thinking that it is irrelevant in today’s age.

But when the current day scientists find out from their experiments and throw their results, we can correlate most of it with these findings and I find them more relevant to today’s times.

Following is the summary of some such scientific reasoning behind our popular practice of using water in our rituals which I read in a journal.

In Indian temples after the chanting of mantras the priest distributes the water called ‘Theertham’ to the devotees. This water seems to carry the sound vibrations of the vedic chanting. The vibrations produced during the chanting of the holy vedic texts and shlokas are carried to the water and this water is supposed to have great influence on the health of the people. The healing effect of sounds like in music has already been scientifically proven. Drinking this water after chanting will be doubly beneficial because the sound vibrations will reach every part of the cell in our body through the water.

Scientists after testing thousands of chemicals found that water is the only substance that could detect the subtle vibrations that reach the earth from stars and planets thousands of miles away. This also proves that ancient people understood the mysterious powers of water and inculcated the practice of bathing in rivers on specific days like amavasya and some special days like in kumbha mela when the water receives vibrations from other planets and galaxies.

The sacred “AUM” was written on a glass of water and the crystalline structure of water is supposed to have changed.

Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto treated water with aromatic oils and he found that the water crystals were similar to the look of the flowers that the aroma oils were made from.

This explains again why in Indian temples, herbs like bilva, basil, neem, darba grass, camphor were added to water and given as theertham to the devotees.

Similarly prayers too have an influence on our body. Will write about it in my next post.


  1. Loved this post. Waiting for you to write and upload the next one.

  2. hmmm wow, interesting. Thank for all the info. Now i know too :) true you learn something new everyday today i learnt this.. :)


  3. wow! Interesting post. There are so many rituals that we do / are asked to do ,which we comply with without even realizing their importance.

  4. And the water given in the temple is healthy too for it contains lots of herbs like Tulasi,Karpooram, etc., it is simply divine in taste too.
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