Sunday, May 15, 2011

My blog (hi)story

My 100 th post. (Discounting my 53 cookery posts and 72 photo posts of my children’s artwork)

Looking back at my blog history:

I had been blog hopping and reading many blogs since 2005 especially chinmayee's(singer), though I was eager to have one, I had no clue what to write about . One fine day in late 2007, I clicked the sign in.

After signing in, I decided to record about the various traditions and cultures we follow. Hailing from a semi-orthodox family and married into one, there were times when I rebelled and argued against all these practices with my atthai ( father’s sister), my mom, my patti(grand ma) and then my mil. Today many years later, I find myself practicing (though I tweak some of those traditions to my convenience) them even when no elder imposes them on me.

Ofcourse, many a times they have taken pains to explain to me the reason for all those practices, for eg. The concept of ‘echil’(contact with saliva like in sipping) and pathu(segregating cooked food from uncooked food).If interested to know about it read here. The explanations, I felt were valid and the curiosity to know more led me to read books based on these topics. As I started reading them in books like Voice of God,frozen thoughts,follow the hindu moon etc., our native wisdom truly amazed me. We certainly have a treasure of ageless traditions and culture which are woven around our lifestyles keeping our health in mind, though some of them were pertinent to olden times like the concept of ‘echil ‘and ‘pathu’.

It’s time to unearth them and share with the future gen, else the smart foreigners will get hold of them like the Koh-i-noor and peacock throne. They will even start patenting like the Basmati rice and then market it back to us.

Well, coming back to my blog - The whole of 2008, I used all my comp and free time in editing an inhouse magazine and so shared many thoughts there. Only in mid 2009, did I take to blogging seriously.

Most of them you would find are my travelogues, my sweet childhood memories, about my children, posts on culture, traditions and slowly it started drifting into mundane activities which affected me. Now wherever I go, or whatever I do the blogger in me surfaces and a train of thoughts run through my mind.

All these posts have now reached 100. (YAY !!!)

I have not disclosed my blogs to many people yet and so not many around(except 15 of which 8 are family) know that I blog. I like it this way, atleast for now.

I like to interact with unknown people like you who have now become my blogffriends,. The comments that you people leave on my posts really makes me happy, these are my little sachets of joy, just like the daily mails on my mail box .

I feel happy when I get a mail. If not from friends or relatives atleast I get the various news letters I have subscribed too like the free That’s why I was worried when blogger had some technical problems and I could not sign in to my account. I thought my labour of love would go ‘Indiainfo’ way.

A few months back, to be precise on aug 30th 2010 morning, after almost chatting on mails with my grand father’s cousin in the US. I came back to my seat to reply to him and found his mail was’nt there. I thought he must have gone away without replying. Through out the day I did not get any mails , the next day too. was wondering why nobody has sent mails, not even the newsletters.

Surprisingly I found a week later on sep 7th, the indiainfo website had not updated news since aug 30th. It was after 2-3 days around 10th, I received a phone from my cousin telling me that my mails were bouncing, I realized that ‘Indiainfo’ was not working. Numerous mails from me to their customer care went unanswered. That mail id was created some 14 years back and that id of mine did not have any special characters, only my name and surname. I held that id special and was very comfortable and active on that a/c than on gmail or yahoo a/c.

Later I reluctantly switched over to my gmail id with which I was initially uncomfortable.

When blogger had service problems a few days back, instantly these thoughts crossed my mind and I was worried that my blog would not function any more and I would have to crossover to Wordpress.(I started an account there in 2010 but am not active and comfortable there).

My blog is the cocoon of warmth I have created for myself with very less rants, lots of memories that I hold close to my heart and some information which perhaps may serve as a ready reckoner for my children later in their life wherever they are.

This blog world has been my window to the world … …no… not a window… a wide door….

I hope blogsville @ google’s blogger survives and I get to interact with you all for a long time.

P.S: Will be away on a short vacation of 20 days. Will come back and read your posts.


  1. Yeah, blogging opens one to many interesting people from all over the world. Like you all bloggers are happy to see a response to their blog.
    Have an enjoyable holiday, and post some pictures, after you come back.

  2. congratulations and celebrations.. yayyyyyyyyyy 100th post .. century up.. heres wishing you many many more centuries :)

    I love coming to ur blog as you said i learn a lot of things which i am sure i would not otherwise ..


  3. nooradichiteengala...sooober..vaazhthukkal :)

  4. Congrats Asha ,for hitting the century.
    I was also worried about my blogs when it was unavailable recently. I have started creating a back up on my temple blog. So much efforts ,cannot see it going waste.
    Enjoy your tour , have fun , come back and share.

  5. congrats on century...wishes 4 many more..

  6. Congratulations,Asha! I love all your culture-related posts..Keep blogging and sharing your thoughts.

  7. Hi Asha,

    I discovered ur blog through Bhargavi's Blogroll.. Many congrats on getting to this milestone.. Am digging into yr old post.. Beautiful blog.. Indeed a wide door to the world.. Thats why I love blogging too.. Hope the issues with Blogger are resolved soon..


  8. Well done - it takes a lot of resolution to keep blogging regularly. All the best from one who seems to have lost it.

  9. Congrats! I loved the way you opened up and talked about how you have come a long way in terms of blogging and other things. It is so wonderful to connect through Blogger and to let thoughts and ideas flow positively.You are doing great work and hope you enjoy your vacations and get back to blogging afterward.

  10. Very good Asha. I hope you keep writing more and more. We all have something to share with the world...

  11. congrats for hitting a century waiting to see u beat sachin's cricketing record ( u ofcourse thru ur blog)

  12. Congratulations on the century Asha. Looking forward to read many more such posts. Good luck

  13. @ Rama- Thank you.

    @Bikram - overwhelmed!. Thanks for your kind comment.

    @ gils - nanri

    @ chitra- thank you. I'm back.

    @ ramesh -Thank for the wishes.

  14. thank you bhargavi for such kind comments.

    @jyoti, thanks for digging my archives. keep coming.

    @raji aunty - long for your comments and posts.keep coming and keep posting.

    @Swapna - thanks swapna.

    @ write space - welcome and thank you.

    @anon- thank you for such motivational comments but that's a hard target.

    @ anubharat - welcome to my space and thank you anu.