Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prayer power

Scientific studies shows that prayer has a dramatic influence on our health and well being. An experiment was conducted to see an effect of positive thought like prayer on water on a larger scale like water in a dam (Tokyo dam). Water was collected before and after the prayer and the crystal structure demonstrated the spectacular influence of prayer on water.

From the water crystal studies, scientists proved that water does reflect our thoughts. Vedic wisdom says that everything in this universe is influenced by our thoughts. If our thoughts can influence water in a dam, then think how much our thoughts would influence our body which is more than 73% water. Hence The religious practices of washing hands, feet before entering temple, the holy dips on special occasions, offering prayer standing in the middle of water chest deep in rivers and temple tanks(teppakulam), worshipping with wet clothes , the use of water (in uddharini) in all rituals/pooja and during sandhyavandanam, the daily routine of bathing all these scripture based rituals have terrific influence on our physiology.
Traditionally whenever enlightened people discovered a place with vibrations untouched by man, they initiated a place of worship in that location. The science behind places of worship is to create a space where people can come and inherit the vibrations of that place. When a man stands inside a rose garden long enough, he comes out smelling roses similarly in experiencing a space of high vibrations long enough, you inherit the vibrations of that place.

Sometimes we argue, ‘If god is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, what is the necessity to go to place of worship’.

God may be omnipresent, vibrations untouched by man aren’t. They are concentrated only in a few places like places of worship where scriptures are read and which are built based on special architecture( agama shastras) so that it can absorb cosmic energy and geo-magnetic energy. This energy/vibrations is dissipated to the devotees who visit temple which are absorbed by the acu-points.This triggers the loop of the health-cycle. When positive thoughts abound in our minds we naturally feel happy which is the state of perfect health.

Information compiled from two journals one a spiritual and another based on logical rational awareness.


  1. This absolutely true, especially when lot of people pray together it is million times more effective.Even I thought of writing in my previous comment, that our bodies are more than 73% water, that is why we are attracted to water.
    Nice to know so many things through the Internet and other sources like books/magazines covering these topics.

  2. Very true, I believe in the same. Today I visited the Abhirami temple In Dindigul I felt a kind of peace enveloping me.I think it is, as a result of the vibrations present there.

  3. @Rama- science and its relationship with our native wisdom fascinates and amazes me. I love reading books on these topics

    @ chitra - absolutely chitra the older the temple the more you feel, that is why i hate when they renovate old temple with glass and polished granite.

  4. I am not sure about this all, but i can understand that if there is a healthy and happy feeling then things around do change accordingly .. thats nature ..


  5. There was a time when I was agnostic and had a million questions about these things.Now I realise with age, that there is more to life than what meets the eye and that everything cannot be logically proved. Please do more of these posts !

  6. @ bikram- It's all about perception.the ultimate goal is to feel good and happy.

    @ Bhargavi- I too was like you a few years back. i will post them here when i find authentic info till then if you are interested read my posts under 'Culture' label.