Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vacation time, Ahoy!

It is now time to ‘do nothing’ or to simply stand and stare. Time to go easy, take a break and enjoy holidays and life.

The exams are over and the short vacation of 15 days have started before the next academic session starts on March 29th. The children who were merrily going around their daily tasks like school, academics, games, drawing, music etc., have more time on hand now.

To keep themselves busy, of course apart from their daily dosage of TV(IPL time, CID, cartoon time), computer time(star doll, pokemon),playing with friends, week end outings, swimming they have decided to spend time - gardening, cooking , drawing and reading.

For Gardening, I have been asked by my spirited children to add some plants tomorrow, they will choose and care for them only during holidays. Later on it will be my duty.

Cooking is craft for them,fun and learn activity, trying to assemble their own burgers, baking pizzas, wheat cakes, French fries( with my supervision), home made pani puris, bhelpuri’s, pav bhaji’s. They will also help my MIL in the making of traditional cooking like sevai, kai suttu murruku( hand twisted oil fried snacks). Making their own food (only for 3.30 snack time) turns my fussy eaters into good eaters since they prepare their own food. They also make their food appealing and help themselves to get the required ingredients in the nilgiris supermarket in my complex. This way they will also learn about the herbs, spices, dairy products. It also makes them aware of the nutritional values. Glad they have developed a taste for tender coconut water, home made lemonade in barley water, buttermilk spiced with mint,coriander and ginger powder. They do indulge occasionally in fast foods during our weekend outings. Oh yes, after all their cooking activity, I have to add finishing touches by cleaning the mess thereafter.

Drawing classes of course, will be taken care by their Pallavi aunty – who is blessed with artistic hands. She makes beautiful murals, miniature fountains and other décor items. Her paintings and drawings are very lively. She is not commercial and teaches art for art’s sake. Her classes are not crowded and also she connects with the children well. So it is an informal art class for the children. (will upload my daughter and son’s drawing in a future blog)

Their vacation also means my over time. Now I have to be on my toes, no computer/ TV time for the next 15 days for me, also the additional duty of being peacemaker/mute spectator for their frequent fights.


  1. enjoy!!
    what a great organised mom yu are!
    Hope to learn from yu:))

  2. How wonderful this sounds... makes me want a holiday right now :)

  3. Kids do love time spent in the kitchen! You seem to have all planned for the vacation!