Friday, March 26, 2010

Thrilling experience

GVK ONE --- An year old mall synonymous with storing leading brands of the world was where we got away last weekend. This mall is a haven for International brand conscious people. Shops like Giordano,Pepe,United colors of Benetton,Mango,Bossini, Maybelline, Reebok, Austin and reed,Aldo,crossword,planetsport,Inhabit,wildcraft,shoppers stop,Mebaz are some I remember. We actually headed out to check out the groceries at the world famous grocery store Ruci & Idoni opened in this mall a month back.

After parking our car at the multilevel car parking (it spirals down to 6 levels), we had a great entry into the swanky mall when sharun won one of the promotional offers of a car brand. He won their version of bowling alley and was gifted an INOX (theatre with 6 screens situated on the 3rd floor) movie ticket which he lovingly gifted his father for his birthday.

The highlight of the mall is the marine aquarium which is at the centre of the atrium. Large, colorful fishes in a sea-bed scape were merrily floating around keeping the shoppers especially the children coming in giddy with excitement. The mini golf course inside the mall is another attraction.

But what I enjoyed the most was the 4D experience at Fun zone. The 15 minute movie watched through 3D glasses provides some scary and funny moments. I have experienced this earlier at Thrillarium(bangalore) and virtual reality(Madras).This one was different with vibrating and synchronized seat movements and lot of special effects like face blast, mist, air spray etc.,On the screen, when the snake opens its wide mouth and advances closer to you through the 3D glass you feel the air spray from its mouth. When the glacier on screen was melting and raising the ocean level, you feel the water gushing out of the screen and extra chilly. Infact, sometimes through the SFX i felt as though it was a real bomb blast. It was a heady cocktail of emotions, though what we choose was a movie based on global warming called SOS. I shudder to think what a horror movie would have been like. Definitely the horror movies are a no-no for the weak at heart. A good experience. We Stepped out of the theatre hungry. Now an outing is incomplete without eating out.

Food wise, the mall offers the world famous Hardrock café, Subway , KFC and a polynation food court. It has small kiosks for American corn, Hot dog, Hershey's icecream, cookie man (if I remember correctly), chocolate hut etc.,

Drove back home stocking(groceries)and gearing for the week ahead...

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