Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My first tag

I am doing a tag for the first time, Thanks to ssstoryteller
Well here goes the 7 things that my blogger friends don't know about me.

1. I twice bunked school when I was in Class I (5 years old). Yes, I used to cross a wide and busy road and walk along the 1km road divider (for those who know bangalore it is the HAL road) and tell my mom that there was teacher's meeting and so it was half a day. On the second day, When my mom doubted, she took me back to school and talked to the nun principal (St. Thomas school).When they found I had lied the principal caned me with a long cane on my legs. Huh,the moment has freezed in my memory.

2. Since my mom had to deliver my sister (for confinement), I studied class II at my grand parents place - mylapore kumaran's school at chennai. My grandmother's servant Amritham used to take me and shubha( my friend- she was the grand daughter of srividya manjal kunkuma kadai) to school. My new born sis was stung by a scorpion and she was rushed to the doc. I did not have a rough book that day and since all of them had left for the clinic, I used the white card board back of a sweet dabba to write the notes.

3. Class 3-5 were at Chennamma memorial school at mission road(near LalBagh East gate) Bangalore. My dad used to drop me at school while going to work and bring me back during his lunch time. One day my dad's bike bullet gave him trouble and he could not pick me up, I waited all alone in the school and then after an hour's wait walked from my school to my house at kanakapura road along the compound wall of lalbagh. (near Lalbagh west gate). A good 8km walk.

4. Started reading tinkle from the second issue and was a regular reader. We friends had formed a Tinkle club under the Gooseberry tree of our house compound.We used to exchange books like Tinkle, ACK, champak etc.,

5. I used to answer all the puzzles and tinkle tricks and treats correctly and in return used to get stickers from Tinkle. This was pasted on the suit case, wooden almirah etc. It still adorns my almirah in Bangalore. Inspite of mailing answers correctly my name was never published in Tinkle because the winning list came from lots. I once desperately wanted to see my name on Tinkle. So I wrote a letter to Tinkle without my address. I thought they would publish my name and ask for the address in the book. Unfortunately this never happened. Looking back I find it was so silly.

6. I still cherish and bond with my childhood friend Shammi( Shamira Rai).We became friends when I was in Class V and to this day we are still in touch.

7. At the age of 20, I turned down a central Government offer(Asst. Central Intelligence officer) since i did not want to leave my parents and go to Madhya pradesh. Murthy chittappa( my uncle) still scolds me for turning down the offer, but I have no regrets even today.

I tag preeti,shalini,smashingbangles

Well, now it's your turn to list 7 things about yourself which we don't know and tag 3 more.


  1. Nostalgic and Honest I must say...
    really interesting to read

    I love the Hyderabad Zoo...were there in 2009 new year...

  2. heyyyyy asha, saw ur tag post! thanks woman! alrite will write abt it as soon as possible! tc! :)

  3. stumbled across your blog..
    tags are fun things to know more about fellow bloggers

  4. Hi Asha,
    No.5 was not silly at all. I feel so sad for that little asha.
    Thank you for the tag.
    I have already done such a very similar tag. Here is the link:


  5. hi asha, my tamil blog is at

  6. Are you the same Asha who had a sister Latha?
    Funny the Asha and Latha we knew had a gooseberry tree in Vijaynagar, Bangalore and had a friend Shamira Rai..Just curious..

  7. @anonymous-- reveal your identity and i will reveal mine.

    @smashing. will read your blog and i heard you play kal ho na ho on you tube. simply soothing.

    @preeti, I read them and got to know you better. yes, i know you reply to all mails.

    @sorceror- thanks and keep coming often.

    @SSstoryteller- thanks.

  8. bunking classes at 5? wow! :) funny and interesting to read. :)