Wednesday, July 20, 2016

of paper boats and pinwheels:)

We get colorful flyers daily along with our newspaper. As I  open the newpaper out slips  more than two flyers and after a  short swirling flight lands a few feet away. It is annoying to see the flyers and on weekends there are more than  5. Initially, i would stack them with newspapers and put it back to raddiwala assuming it would go back to recycling but the monsoon showers outside inspired me to pull out a few  flyers for a different reason.

When it rains here, it rains in sheaths and the lake and the fountain behind my home gets filled with water leaving no trace of the dry dusty summer we experienced a month back.   One fine weekend afternoon, As I and the husband  watched below from the balcony, the children  were jumping on the puddles and enjoying the splash of water on them. We recalled how we used to make paperboats and float them on the puddles . I remembered how I and my friends  used to scream and shout when the handmade boat floated and a friend would bring out an ant or a beatle from the gooseberry tree and put it on the boat and we would watch the insect travel  with so much glee. Such simple pleasures!!

I  wanted to try making a paperboat, I came in and pulled out the flyers and surprisingly we found our hands automatically folded the paper in the right direction and both of us could make colorful paperboats from the flyers. After so many years we had'nt forgotten to make paper boats.

Only I  did'nt go down to  float them, but I let them be in my little garden.

One thing led to another art of origami, The paperboat inspired me to make the pinwheels. A colorful pinwheel like newton's disc was installed in a home behind my block and I wanted one such colorful one for my garden too. It is so breezy  this season and I thought the spinning pinwheels will add color to my greenery. Last weekend, during our outing, I found a hawker selling them outside a park, but on second thoughts, the weekend colorful flyers flashed before my eyes and i decided to make DIY one. I had completely forgotten to make a pinwheel  and had to google to make one yesterday. I was pretty successful,  Will make more colorful ones. This weekend will be "project Pinwheels" with  colorful  scraps:)

Do you still remember  how to make  paper boats and pinwheels?

Today's inspiration: the flyers - day 2/5

                                                          The boat with the bean seedling

                                   Radish saplings with the pin wheel


  1. Now, this is what I call creativity at its best.

    Flyers in newspapers have been subject to the finest assortment of oaths from yours truly. Imagine a steaming cup of coffee in one hand, the newspaper picked with the other , looking forward to settling down on the sofa to savour one of modern civilisation's finest pleasure - only for this accused flyer to fall over resulting in split coffee, a scalded hand and high creativity in curses .......

    It needs somebody of creative genius to transform the horrible flyer into a work of art. Bravo.

    1. Creative genius? who? me??!! Thank you thank you...i am taking it seriously. Genius and I never go in same line. Thank you Ramesh.

      And i totally relate to that coffee spilling...happens in our home too.

  2. Asha,
    Creativity at its best. Thank You for reminding us these long lost pleasures. Will try them with the Kiddo.


    1. Firstly, very happy to see you sign through your name Veena. Hope you start a blog soon. YEs do try with the kiddo it will be fun.