Thursday, July 21, 2016

Namami Gange.....playing on loop

Last month Hyderabad got its first 24/7 Bollywood music station, broadcast on 95.0 MHZ, called Mirchi 95 and this is available on my phone. since, then it is music unplugged for me. Before this too, i was listening to the radio but on my setup box. Now with 24/7 music , I  listen to a few songs before going to bed just like I used to listen during my growing years.

I was telling my children about the music during my growing years like  Binaca geetmala, boole bisre geet, jaimala(fauji farmaish), aap ki farmaish etc..such lovely times....The pleasure of listening to songs on the radio with focus more on lyrics since there is no video distraction is a different experience than watching on TV with visuals. In between the jingles and the flawless modulated announcements would be the time keeper "Idhu akashavani, Bengaluru Kendra...hega samaya....pip...pip....pip..... to which the family fell silent especially on Sunday, since appa would hear the time to reset the mechanical clock which had a delay of few seconds everyday.

The interest to listen to radio came from appa and amma only. While appa would listen to Radio Ceylon , amma, an Instrumental player( veena) would tune into Carnatic music. Today, I switch to many genres of music on many media but predominantly I listen to melodius music on Radio and the youtube. The song i am playing on loop at present is a song on Youtube called "Namami Gange" a song made to promote "Clean Ganga Project", just gives me goosebumps when i listen and the proud Indian in me surfs up when i watch the video. 

The song is beautifully picturised depicting the diversity and rich culture of India, covering the flow of ganga  from  Gangotri in Himalayas the starting point of the river, up to the Bay of Bengal where it drains into. The song is soulfully rendered by Trichur brothers to Adisankaras priceless Composition "Gangashtakam"....The following lines so rhytmic and  lyrical are playing on a loop now when I am not watching the video. A song perhaps i will listen to for a long time to come.

Bhagavati tava tira nira matra shanovam
Vighata vishaya trishna krishnamaradayami
sakala kalushabhange swarga sopana sange
Tarala tara tarange devi gange
Namami Gange
Namami Gange.

Today's inspiration: Namami gange video that i received on whatsapp today morning..

day 4/5


  1. Yes Namami Gange has been much appreciated amongst Carnatic music followerd. Trichur Brothers have become extremely popular in the last 2-3 years. Their concerts are amazing - the most memorable of the current crop of musicians these days. They come often to bangalore; so a treat every couple of months.

    What you said about radio is so true about my generation, but did not realise it is true about yours too. Probably the last to revel in the mystical voice of Ameen Sayani introducing Binaca Geetmala.

    The crop of FM stations would be great if only RJs could be banished. Yak Yak Yak - where is the music?

    1. Yes, Trichur brothers are becoming popular. they conduct workshops here too....but they like Sanjay subramanyam are highly traditional singers with too much alapanai. I don't enjoy that. Namami gange despite being carnatic and sanskrit rendition has comments from across india on youtube. The music and lyrics are soul stirring.

      Ramesh, Mirchi 95 has no advertisements and no bak, bak, bak also....only melodius film music:)