Sunday, June 5, 2016

One off my bucket list:)

Travelling to places with family was a thing of the past or so I thought. With grown up teens, one  studying from a hostel ,  another in a defining year of higher class  and a travelling spouse it is difficult to bring a family together under a roof.

 While the  younger had vacation, the elder had her semester exams, when the elder came home for the year break, the husband had to travel on work and when he was back, the younger had to go to school.  But then amongst all these we still managed   4 days of family travel by bunking the first working day of my son .   Initially, if things had gone right and we had  more than a week,  we had planned a travel to North east with friends but  that plan backfired and  what happened was an unplanned travel to North west of a neighboring state.

We rested our car and  took a train to Hubli ( last minute confirmed seats)  , Hubli to Dharwad by bus, Dharwad to our  “ vacation destination” by bus. My “destination “ to the Jungle  homestay by a maruti omni( nonA/c) .

 It was a rejuvenating, educative, ruminative  and stress free trip  which made me realize that life's best moments come unplanned.  

 We inhaled the pristine  forest air, connected with nature,  went kayaking, rafting, hiking,  zorbing, enjoyed  the natural Jacuzzi,  trekked down and up a steep hill  to a falls ( my  knees bore the brunt and are still aching ) , listened to many stories, tales and legends, came across many interesting people . We were away from technology like TV, A/c , GPS  etc.........but network followed to some areas and we were connected to the world off and on .….will tell/share them all here . Will be back….
.................and yes, i have ticked one off my bucket list and my bucket is still full.

 P.S: If you are reading this  “ Can  you name  the place I went to with the above clues?” Try, try….you can even google  ....some more clues below:)))



.                               I was not successful with zorbing but it was total fun.
                                 a lovely brook in the forest when we went hiking in the morning
this lake  reminded me of the lake from 3 idiots ( last scene) ...a virgin place not promoted by tourism and has an interesting real life incident and a legend associated with it. will share soon.

may flowers and lilies wildly grew here


  1. Dandeli must be. Looking forward to the full travelogue.

    1. Dandeli it is Ramesh. Have you been here? What part of my clue gave away...most of my folks thought Goa when i said Hubli. Thanks anyways. will go slow on posting since i have trouble with my eyes staring at the monitor for long. will post though in detail. Thanks for reading amidst your busy schedule and please honor my subscription to Business musings too. Thank you.

  2. I have no idea. I am glad you enjoyed your vacation with family. And, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you SG for wishing well and being so kind with your words.