Friday, February 27, 2015

My morning raaga

I had never seen the rising sun till a few years back. Having grown up in Bangalore I was allergic to the early morning mist and would end up in wheezing attacks, So my parents would never insist I wake up early. Even during my college days, when I had to be present in my college 12 kms away at 8'0 clock, i would miss the first few minutes since I never woke up early. Marriage did'nt change me much either during the initial years.

 What changed me was the book " Who will cry when you die?" by Robin Sharma some 7 years back. I initially bought this book for my husband's nephew on his birthday but did'nt gift him due to the title. I realized later the title did'nt suit to be gifted to a birthday boy. Instead, me a RS fan started flipping the pages and with every page turn, I must say the book was an eye opener and altered my life completely. Even today, it is my "Go to book" when i feel low. Not that I absorbed and followed everything from that book but one sure thing i did was, I changed from a late riser to an early bird. 

Work or no work , I am up like a lark at 5.15 with the help of a few snooze buttons......even the snooze buttons are to alert me to pray to god, meditate and take deep breaths from my bed. Thankfully all these yogic breathing exercises has kept me away from wheezing problems. That apart, it is such a pleasure to connect with the world during those early morning hours.

“There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them.”
Jo Walton

I could'nt agree more with Jo Walton especially I am partial to Sunrise. During the early dark hours, I am still at home taking deep breaths consciously and going about my basic cooking of putting the cooker on the stove( takes time to cook rice,Isn't it?) and boiling milk etc. Switching off the cooker coincides more or less with the sun rise at 6 and  I am in the front balcony which faces the historic gunrock and it is such a visual delight to see the rising sun and the natural colors of God's palette splashed in the back ground. To complement this would be the twittering birds which flies all around in beautiful V formation or some fly haphardly making such delightful sights. Drinking in these views along with my cup of elixir is such a prayerful feeling. When time permits, i.e  mostly on weekends we would drop my son at the football grounds and would go for walk in the nearby huge lungspace wooded cantonment area and would be greeted with the cries of peacocks.

But all these changed with time.....that is till i took to gardening. I still wake up early, only now it is not the front balcony that frames the sunrise that is my morning raaga. Like many things that change with time, my morning raaga too has changed. Now, seated on a jute moda, drinking tea and catching a  glimpse of my jugaad ( read vegetable garden)  is my morning bhoopalam. It is such a pleasure to feel the green leaves, the new shoots, the touch of the lively soil made soulful   with the compost that I have created from waste. And when all this takes the shape of the beautiful harvest in my upcycled containers, it is a great feeling,very therapeutic and almost alien, the moistness of the compost, the smoothness and color of your harvest is so real. It is this morning sun rays that subtly shifts my work and efforts to create something so beautiful, It is an amazing thing to experience. Pure magic. This is when i believe in the adage-

   One is nearer God's heart in a garden,than anywhere else on earth- Dorothy gurney 

 My front balcony frames this sight in the morning....the small hill you see is the historic gunrock where Britishers( and later the Nizams)  stored their guns and gun powder.
                                                        And that is a glimpse of my jugaad - my carrot saplings takingoff in hide'n'seek biscuit containers, thai basil in a paint can, raddish and methi in strepsil's containers . My yellow capsicum in a terracotta pot and coriander in a karachi bakery cardboard box. Not in picture are my chillies growing in atta bags:) More terracotta pots  in my sunlight starved porch.

        That's the view from my drawing room sofa, another place from where i catch glimpses of my jugaad.

This pretty raddish flower greeted me Happy morning today:)

Below are some humble harvests from my jugaad

                                                             Coriander and methi

                                          My harvest sometimes makes me an inventive cook, added the above lettuce to the bhelpuri and the mint and chilli went into the hot-sweet-sour homemade bhelpuri chutney  (only the lettuce, chilli  and mint are my harvest). There are days when i use my thai basil to make pasta sauce. Tastes delish...

                        I have to narrate that green paprika tale in a post, the tale has its origin in  my Grandma's kitchen

and this beautiful red green orange beauties on some days steal my heart

The green journey and the raaga is on..i will share more for happiness shared is joy doubled:)

*Morning Raaga is one of my favorite movie too starring Shabana azmi, prakash  rao and Perizaad


  1. Beautiful narration. Loved your garden pictures. Must be really satisfying to see all your labor of efforts blooming in front of . Yes one must never miss sunrise and sunsets, that comes for free.

    1. Thank you Rama, yes it is soul satisfying for i know i am making that small change towards environment too.

  2. Asha, i loved your garden witn an amalgamation of variety of fruits and vegetables.. well written post.

    1. Glad you loved the post ma'am. Thank you so much:)

  3. I loved the written post.with a variety of vegetebles grown by your pots.

  4. If you post like this, I shall directly drive non stop from Imphal, where I am today, to your house.

  5. Thanks Ramesh:) for the generous comment. Most welcome to my home.

  6. I must check out the book you mentioned. LOVE, LOVE your vegetable garden!! ♥

  7. Do read Shilpa, i am sure you will like it. Infact, own it