Saturday, February 28, 2015

My experience with Quikr

The year 2010 – My husband got a very rare opportunity of working  at a nuclear automation site in the US. It was a challenging role and my husband who loves challenges was keen to take it up but he had to think of the growing children. After lot of deliberations, we decided we will give it a shot, after all we had to take risks in life and after some calculated risk taking debates, the husband moved first. I and the kids were here waiting for the term to get over.

 In the meantime, I had decided to dispose of all the gadgets and furnishings. A few like our antique dining table and other customized furniture we had decided to lock them up in our 3rd bed room.  I had decided to advertise the remaining on quikr but word spread around in my condominium through my maid and the service providing community picked up our folding space saver sofa, spare TV etc, the remaining gadgets like the Fridge, washing machine, double cot were booked by some of our maids. I had told them I would use them till I am here and then they could take after I leave. Even my premium well-ventilated and well lit  flat was booked for rent by one of our co-residents. All things were either sold or" booked to be sold" except our car – Honda city. I had advertised this on quikr site and within 4 days, the car was sold for our price…no negotiations. An insurance company guy from whom the buyer had availed loan checked the vehicle and it was smoothly transacted.

On the other side, For 6 months parallely, we were doing the research on the study patterns of US curriculum and Indian curriculum and we found our children could easily pick up the core subjects, Infact Indian curriculum is much ahead …..the only area where they might find difficult was breaking the group and they had a wide array of subjects to choose from like RJ, VJ, applied arts, soccer etc. We were also told the children would have formed groups in high school and it would be difficult to break into the group and high school in the US is from 9-12 wherein my daughter who was already doing her 9th standard  would be missing a  high school year if she were to be admitted in a school there.

We decided it would be challenging situation, but we trusted  and thought we would support our children to do well and we were also happy that they would get international exposure. When the admission procedure started, the Philly school refused to accept my daughter for grade 10, they said she was underage for grade 10 by US (East coast) standards and my daughter clearly refused to redo 9th grade in the US. She wanted to stay back here alone in hostel or with grandparents and study if need be. We too realized it wasn’t worth moving the family and wasting a year of the child and so we stay put here while the husband stayed for a year more there till he sought permission to do remote engineering from here.

Back here, thankfully some of my furnishings only had been sold, the rest were only booked, so I held back the sale. My car which was advertised on Quikr was  sold in 4 days time. Now, I had to buy a car for my family needs, I decided to go for  a second hand one since my husband would not be here to use it.  And, where do you think I turned to for help? Quikr, of course:)  I advertised on quikr and parallely browsed in the “cars for sale” section the same moment. I narrowed down on a silver Honda city which was to be sold because the owner was migrating to Australia.  After some checks, we found the car was accident free and only had some challans for negligent driving. This was taken care by the seller and so the car changed hands smoothly without any hassles.

Even today, Quikr, is my first 'go to site' not only for buying cars, even for houses,gadgets, books to buy/sell/rent etc . Today, if i were to change my car, i would do with Quikr NXT, this way I  choose to keep my number private and avoid random calls.


  1. Thanks for the nice info on Quikr.

  2. Yes, I found Quikr good too ; and yes the keeping number private ensures time wasters are kept at bay.

    Many online portals now work very well. Very nice.

    1. True many online portals are convenient and work well. Thank you Ramesh.

  3. !!! itha quickr kambeni karangalta anupina avanga ad ku ungala modela use panipaanga!! semma informative

  4. i wrote for indihappyhours and quikr....late submission:(

  5. Quikr Nxt is a wonderful service. Hassle free and convenient! Glad that you had a great experience too!