Monday, January 6, 2014

When dreams take flight........:)

There are times, when I simply sit in front of the system and incoherent ramblings of my mind  flow through key board and there have been times when thoughts have simply simmered in my mind for years  and have never been translated into blogposts.

Sometimes, it requires a prompt from Indiblogger or product promoters  to make posts like Ancient knowledge to raise healthy generations, the peerless green couple, aromatic memories of the past, or the gourmet party to bring out those thoughts.

These posts were written, re-written and edited before it reached the final stage. Although they were rewritten many times, I never used any reference books as they were a part of my life.
 The praise or prize alone is not the bait for such contest entry( although I wish I win, I know there are many creative and talented bloggers out there ), the other reason is the massive reach these posts get because of the contest.  

For instance, the  online shopping contest entry talking about indian  return gifts(tamboolam)  had 4000+ views  and i am glad my idea of projecting thanjavur cuisine   had more  than 2000+ views and it reached the premier kitchen brand of India - ITC.  Not many know about Thanjavur cuisine or culture, When you say tamil food most would relate to idli, vada, sambar or may be chettinad cuisine.

 All that apart,for my own personal and soulful development, as well as to enrich and enhance my  thinking/knowledge, there are times when I write a topical post. These passionate posts on culture, traditions etc., sometimes i wish,  had massive reach, hence my contest entries

How I wish my posts like The power of chanting mantras (240), on a stone bench under a shady tree(266), heritage homes(486) ,bidriware(482) which showcase our culture had more reach.( they were not contest entries)

Not just culture, even posts on travel like tranquebar, Shimsha, Somnathpur, the temples like that of thiruvalanchuzhi (ganeshji made during sagar manthan) did not have massive reach because my posts are not promoted on  my social sites or networked blogs. The link on the network will be a hindrance to my privacy since my neighborhood is on my social network. AlThough, 
I  try to promote my culture and travel post on a international site so that the glory of india is known.Some of us rely for inspiration on quotes, photos, meme, real life, news, while some like me use prompts like these.

Sometimes, I virtually live my dream through blogging.  "Exploring Europe by Eurail" was one such. To make this post, I had narrowed down on the theme as slow travel but had to do research on the eurail connecting countries. I then again narrowed the cities, read about them and spoke to people who had traveled down there. I just not enjoyed writing that post but simply grew richer in knowledge. While making the post, I almost felt I had been to Europe, such was the feeling. Blogging that way is truly enriching. 

Praise, Prize or no Prize, i consider myself a winner whenever i make such soul satisfying posts.

Well….. what am I justifying by writing all these now? …. Ok…Ok…. Without further ado… Let me justify my  post title........ here’s announcing the “Happy news”:)   

I have been declared the winner of the “ Creating Happy Travelers” contest for the above  dream post" Exploring europe by eurail". Here is the link. The results were declared on Dec 21st. I was awaiting an official confirmation from indiblogger, but I understand from indivine it takes two months to get the prize. I could’nt wait that longer to disclose to you, my well-wishers. A special thank you to all of you who leave such beautiful , insightful and encouraging comments on my contest posts. It does push me to do well. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Apart from the regulars, Those bloggers whom I have never even known before had such beautiful messages saying that the win was well deserved.

 Thank you people for the goodwill and warmth shows what goodhearts you all are.

So, that was the "happy news" :)  that i mentioned couple of post back.


  1. Congratulations Asha!
    You deserved it. Even i feel the same while reading about different regions/ countries, as if i have already visited them. I had read about the US and seen so many travel programs on the TV, that when i actually went to America, they never felt I was seeing them for the first time. I just love seeing places after having seen them virtually and also after reading many times about them. That is the fun part of whole travelling.
    This indeed a very happy news. I am so glad you got it.

    1. Thank you, Rama:)

      Glad you had a very nice time relating to most things in the US:)

  2. Yayayayayay. Mighty congratulations Asha. I can appreciate the effort you put into each post - the research, the edits, the fine tuning, the hour spent on the keyboard. As you say, you are a winner; a big winner; irrespective of the prize. For you bring much joy to us who read your blog.

    Delighted that it was your travel writing that won the prize. That is really when you are at your best. You can make somebody who reads your travel post, actually want to go there - I am a perfect example; I went to Danushkodi only after reading your post.

    Really happy news :)

    1. Thanks Ramesh for the nice words. Glad it comes from a globetrotter like you :)

  3. Wow!! Hearty congratulations, Asha!! I always find your posts so informative and interesting. Well deserved win and way to go! Cheers :)

    1. Thank you, Shilpa. It feels nice to know that you find them informative and interesting. Thanks for your encouragement:)

  4. Congratulations. I am very happy for you.

    On my recent post, I wrote “Now please do speak up, if you’ve ever won any prizes from these contests”. Now you have spoken.

    One more time, Congratulations.

    1. yes, see i have now spoken:)

      Thank you, SG

  5. Wow..congratulations desrved it..

  6. Heartfelt congratulations, dear Asha! Am so glad you didn't wait for 2 months to share the good news with us! I admire you more after reading this post that is written with such openness. The world needs writers like you. So happy for you, Asha. May 2014 bring you more goodies like these and propel you to write more frequently on topics that are unique and interesting like the one on Thanjavur cuisine, among many others. Can't say it enough, really 'CONGRATS!!!'

  7. Swapna! What shall i say in reply to such beautiful words?

    Truly humbled and honored by such encouraging words, especially when it comes from a pure heart like you. I warmly reciprocate the same wishes.