Friday, June 21, 2013

My chat mates on "Wechat" - the new way to connect

Much before satellite TV ,internet and other tech gadgets took priority and people had 9-5 jobs, many working men/women  after their official work would come out of their homes to converse with their neighbours /friends or relatives.

These personal  meetings/conversations are called by many names in many languages like ‘Katte matthu’(kannada), arrattai  ( tamil),  gappe(hindi) ,  ‘othla committee’’, gossip or euphemistically I call it ‘ Group Discussion’ or   ‘Hang out’.
 The conversations in  all the above meetings would  involve politics, movies, music, cuisine,craft, latest trends, developments, job and alliances for their children, schooling etc.,  and most important was they would  share their personal problems,  happiness, worries , sympathise and empathise with the other’s feelings without being judgmental.  Just listening and talking their problems was so cathartic and de-stressing.
These talks created an emotional connect among people.   At times of crisis, they also become a support system like an extended family.  These personal meetings are lacking in today’s world. Perhaps, the lack of communication has given raise to many counseling centres like family counseling, marriage counseling, student counseling, geriatric counseling etc..
In Urban India, where deadlines  and working in different time zones dictate our lives we have no time for our own selves let alone chat in person with our neighbours/friends or relatives. We have a closed door policy, where we have to call our neighbours/ relatives before we drop into their homes and ensure they are not disturbed.
But many of us find it convenient to  connect  virtually on twitter, skype, FB, facetime etc., The most latest form of connecting with people is the Wechat app. Apart from relatives and friends with whom I am already connected, there are a few more people whom I would like to chat with and so would add them on my WEchat
They are :
Thomas Alva Edison: The man who lighted our homes and invented telegraph, phonograph, electric light bulb, storage batteries, kinetograph( a camera for motion pictures and also the man  who founded the Edison illuminating company – the first investor owned electric utility company which now is famously known as General Electric.(GE)
Chat time with Thomas Alva Edison:
Me: Hello Mr. Edison
Mr. Edison: Hello
Me: Thank you sir for coming up with so many useful inventions to mankind. At any point of time did you feel like giving up when you faced challenges?
Mr. Edison: It was a pleasure and i enjoyed  experimenting. I am also glad that i did not create any destructive inventions.
ME: You are also lucky to have had a mom who believed and encouraged your talent.
Mr. Edison: Yes, without her guidance and encouragement, it would not have been possible to come up with so many inventions.
ME: True sir. Would appreciate if you find a solution for the global warming too. Thanks for your time. Hope to stay connected.
Mr. Edison: will work on it. Thanks 

Marco polo: - the Italian who was famous for his travels through Asia. He was one of the first European to travel into Mongolia and china. His travel stories have captured readers through centuries. He is supposed to be a master story teller.At his deathbed he left the famous epitaph for the world  "I have not told  half of what I saw!". So will ask him to tell the rest of the story during my chat session.

So during my chat time with him, will listen to his travel stories and experiences. 

ME: Good Morning Sir, Can you share some of your travel experiences?

Mr. Polo: Buon Giorno!oh yeah, much before mankind had transport or communication facilities, i the son of a rich merchant decided to explore the world.  I traversed thousands of miles on horseback mostly through dry deserts, over steep mountain passes exposed to extreme weather.

ME: OMG! on horseback across countries and continents!!

Mr. Polo: yes, i was exposed to wild animals and uncivilized tribesman too. 

ME: Can you narrate the remaining half of your unsaid adventures.

MR. Polo: I have got to attend to my business. Will narrate during my next chat time with you. Ciao.

ME: Thanks you, Mr. Polo, will await my next chat session with you on wechat.

The Chola king Karikala cholan: This foresighted First century king  channelized the River Cauvery and built the Grand Anicut. This structure is  a standing testimony of the first century engineering skill which is still functional today in the 21st century and one of the oldest water regulators of the world. He is supposed to have extended his kingdom till the ganges in the north( Magdha and Avanti ) and till Srilanka in the south. Poompuhar in ancient times was the port capital of the cholas. It was a great city and people of his times enjoyed life during his administration. He is supposed to have had trade contacts with Rome and China.  Though there are evidences of this port city being submerged some 5000 years ago and he is mentioned in some ancient tamil literature. There are no authentic records about him.

During my chat time, will ask him about his achievements and contributions.
Me: Vanakkam Manna:) ( in tamil means greetings Dear King)
KIng K. Chola: Vanakkam:) 
ME: First of all congratulate you for your foresightedness. If not for you, the whole of southern India would have been a barren land. Thanks for one of the oldest functioning water regulator - The grand Anicut.
King: it is my duty and pleasure to serve my people.
Me: Much of your contributions and achievements are not recorded. Can you tell about them.
King: A British archaelogist Graham Hancock has found the remains of my 5000 year old submerged kingdom Poompuhar. It is for you people to research and find out. I don't speak about my achievements and contributions. We the people of ancient India do our work and let our work speak. In any case, read some of the old Tamil literature of Sangam era. Some of my work are spoken about.
ME:  Nanri manna.(thank you)
K.J. Yesudas: a famous playback and classical singer hearted by many. He  is blessed with a velvety voice which  stirs many a souls.  He has recorded more than 40,000 songs which includes many Indian languages  along with Russian, latin and Arabian language.
 During my chat time with him, will ask him to render a few songs.

Me: Namaskram Das etta( that is how his fans address him das etta)

KJY: Namaskaram

ME: Das etta, I am a huge fan of yours. I love listening to you in any language and I appreciate your devotion and respect towards other religions despite being a born christian.

KJY: Thank you, I am influenced by Narayana Guru's message " one religion and one god for all of mankind". I

Me: love all your songs especially Kahan se aaya badra, ka karoon sajni, Gori tera goan bada pyara, Vaigai karai katre nillu. Can you sing one of these for me?

KJY: Sure and sings kahan se aaya Badra...

Me: Etta, can you sing harivarasanam, please.....

KJY: harivarasanam is a lullaby song sung for Swamy Ayappa. I am honored that the Devaswom (temple board) has made it an official lullaby song during its closing hours. This is exclusively heard in the evening. So i suggest you listen it on recorded tapes in the night. 

ME: Thank you,  Etta.

Rajnikant: Yes, the man whom you and I have seen tossing up cigars in the air, twirling  glares and attracting his fans with his punch one liners. The dark man with no conventional good looks, no filmi back ground or no great acting skills. He uses the same old dancing steps movie after movie but keeps the box office registers ringing.

While many actors work hard on their acting, diction, makeup and do research for their films and gain critical acclaim, he simply pops the cigars and walks away stylishly  sending his fans into a  tizzy. His punch one liners appeals to the masses and are pregnant with meaning. Infact his punch one liners like ‘En vazhi thani vazhi’ ( my way is a unique way) and many other punch lines used in his movies have entered  into a  book called “Value statements on business and life management” The book analyses the 'value statement' and says ‘ one has to be different to succeed. Don’t choose a ‘me too’ line of business or a ‘me too’ way of running a business. And then comes the example: “ recent history talks of many failures on account of this very herd culture. The failure of many dotcom companies is a typical example"

None can match the mass appeal he enjoys. 
Such is the charisma of this man who attracts his fans who are across all ages from a tiny tot to an old man/woman.

He is ‘the Rajinikanth’.

Chat time:
ME: Thalaiva vanakkam( that is how is fans address him as thalaivar meaning leader)

The Rajnikanth: Vanakkam hahaha....( his trademark smile)

ME: Sir, i have traveled by the bus in which you were a conductor once upon a time route no 10( it is now 12?)( from Srinagar to majestic).

The R: hahaha.... oh, how can i forgot those days and that area of Bangalore.

ME: From a bus conductor to a superstar,  What do you think is the reason for your popularity?

The R: My simplicity hahaha..... and people also say it is my humility.......Ok, will catch you next time when I am free..... varatta...( his characteristic style of taking leave)

ME: Thank you, Rajni Sir.

That was my imaginary chat time on WEchat...the new way to connect.
I would like to add manymore chat mates like Mahakavi Subramania Bharati, MS Subbalakshmi, napolean Bonaparte, Chanakya, APJ, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Lionel messi, Viv Richards, Gundapppa Vishwanath and many many more. 

P.S: This post was drafted for Indibloggers's Wechat contest, But i missed noticing  the deadline, so it is not a part of the  entry . Nevertheless,  decided to publish as a weekly post.