Thursday, June 6, 2013

All good things come to an end.....

.........................and so did my summer break of 2013.

Thoroughly recharged myself at my parents place.

These are some of the things i did:

1)  Firstly i got de-addicted from internet. I was totally addicted to social networks in the past few months that i decided come whatmay will never get connected except  check my mails and occasionally on FB. My parents place does not have a system and so it was easy for me to get de-addicted.

2) The leisure hours  which i had in plenty helped me revive my childhood crafts crochet and knitting. Learnt it again from my mom to hook and knit the colors.  my mom who had knitted sweaters, crochetted bags, capes, mufflers etc., had forgotten. My interest helped her jog her memory and the bug bit my daughter  too who is now hooking the colors of the rainbow to make beautiful crochete flowers.

3) had planned two trips one to yelagiri and another to kabini with my extended family of uncles, aunts and cousins but since my mom's hip injury took time to heal could not travel long distance.

4)  Had talkathon sessions with my paternal family of cousin, sis, uncles, aunts and parents, after 1.30a.m when everybody went to sleep i and my cousin continued our talks without even glancing at the clock. Only the milkman's bell at 5.30 made us realize that we had not slept the whole night and we continued the talkathon till 6.30. She and I broke our mom's record. Both our mom's would speak till 4.30 a.m some 30 years ago:)

5) relished the dishes made by myMom, dad, uncle,aunt, sis and my children too. The dishes were so good and tasty that my niece, children and another uncle suggested that they should open a hotel which would be a runaway hit. so next time i won't  be surprised if my dad, uncle and aunt open a restaurant in Jayanagar;)

6) socialized a lot by visiting family and friends at their homes.

7) had a gala time at Rangoli metro art center. I was one of those old bangloreans who protested when the MG road promenade was pulled down to facilitate metro piers. The beautiful promenade has been rebuilt and renamed as" Hoovina Haadi"(flowered pathway) and the area below the promenade is recreated as Rangoli - metro urban art center.( this deserves a special post)

8) felt like a kid when i traveled in the metro for the first time,  from MG road to Byappanhalli and back. had an aerial view of bangalore from the window and during this trip discovered Bangalore is still the green city i have ever seen.

9) shopped till i dropped at my favorite hangout of Bangalore -  commercial street. was glad to find my tailors shamrao and sons , Fazals , Bombay hat works and other shops still intact.

10) Had Bangalore benne masala dosa - For me nothing can beat the taste of Bangalore Masala dosa.

11) had 'Katte maathu' daily  with my parents neighbours in the evening. Katte maathu is actually face time chats meaning real time face to face chat.

12) One of the most constructive things i did was teach Karthika, my parents young neighbour, english. I have already written about her here. Her neighbours which include my parents have convinced her husband and now she is all set to give her 10th standard examination in October.

13) And last but not the least enjoyed 31- 34 deg - the  best summer weather. Ofcourse, Many bangaloreans crib and cry "shakkey"(sultry) and "Bisilu"(hot) . Still it is the best summer weather relatively comparing it with major metros and cities of India.

Simple things right?  but these little joys are what brought life and beans to my holiday making it another memorable vacation.

All these at Hosur( an exclusive post on this place here)- an industrial town 40 kms from Bangalore where my parents shifted a couple of years back.which is the largest exporter  of roses to places like Amsterdam, infact it is the largest supplier of valentine roses to the world. Another unique observation of this place is most men and women, irrespective of the cadre, go to work in uniforms and return back home by 5 in the evening. It is nice to see them relax in the gardens where most house are independant homes.

Overall had a gala time and now totally recharged till i face another short break and travel this month end:)


  1. Nice to know you had a good vacation. You should have emailed me, we could have met.
    Yes we are still cribbing about the weather, it may seem like heaven to others but for us it is too hot, even the rains have not come properly. I wonder whether this year too we are going to have a rain less season, we have been having no monsoon for the last 3/4 years.
    There were many good points about Bangalore,however, with each passing year all the good things are quietly disappearing.

    1. Yes, i understand what you are saying about the weather. Perhaps that would have been me too if i had stayed in b'lore all along. But, now i know the worth of the weather since i stay in a city which is sizzling at 45 deg:)

      It is the same all over the globe Rama, with each passing year our environment is getting worse thanks to the gluttony mankind.

      NExt time, i am in Bangalore will mail you, we should meet. Thank you, Rama:)

    2. Asha, we were i Yelagiri on the 27th and the 28th, it was nice though there is nothing to see there. When we reached there it was quite hot , but that same night it poured and poured, and the next day too it was raining very heavily. It was so nice and cool. The cool breeze from the balconies was really good. We managed to visit the Narayanee Golden temple near Vellore as we had nothing better to do.
      When we returned back to Bangalore we thought it might ave rained here , but it was absolutely dry. Now it is back to being cool but of course with no rains only dark clouds, but okay at least it has cool down quite a bit.
      I didn't want to sound the cribbing type, but when you are used to only certain amount of heat, if it goes up drastically one can't but start cribbing. It used to be 38- 40 most of the times.
      Anyway, I am glad you had a good time with your parents, and roaming around Bangalore. it is indeed a good break.

    3. Oh! were you at yelagiri? That's nice . Yes, we knew there was nothing much there, ours was supposed to be an "extended family" gettogether hence the plan to that hillstation.

      Glad you enjoyed the weather there:)

  2. Welcome back, Asha! Glad you had a rejuvenating, relaxing and a fabulous vacation.
    De-addiction from internet is a big achievement... goes on to prove that everything is possible!
    You must share your knitting and crochet work. I know knitting but crochet, I have never tried!
    Talakthon sessions which continue till the wee hours of the morning are the bestest!
    A perfect vacation you had! Cool :)

    1. yes shilpa, it was good for my mind, body and soul. I hope i sustain the de-addiction and don't get addicted again. I have lost lot of time becoz of this. I have even removed FB from my mobile now.

      Will definitely share my crochet work. Let me know if you are interested in crochet. Will mail you the links.

      Talkathon -yes, after a long time i had one such session.
      YEs, a perfect vacation. Thank you, shilpa:)

  3. Being away from the online world is some achievement. An occasional attempt at such a "vacation" will only result in redoubling of the presence online :) Hope we see double the usual number of posts !!!

    1. LOL at the "Vacation" pun. I hope it stays that way. so far so good. posts will happen when i have something to record and share:)