Tuesday, August 21, 2012

373 years and counting.......

                                                        Happy Birthday Madras!! (Aug 22)

An Historical city which has beautifully evolved over 373years deserves to be celebrated.  For those of you in Madras aka Chennai,  there are beautiful events lined up. Most of you must be busy with your routine work. Break the routine  and see if you can priortize  Madras day events here and know about the city you live. ( and if possible, share the happenings   with  me:)

For me, i will spend my day recalling those beautiful moments this city has given me by reading these posts for anything i add will be a repeat of  these posts..Madras memories part 1,Madras memories part 2 and My Paradise Mylapore.


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  2. I will be there soon..Moving...:))

  3. :(( missing every single bit of it :((

  4. Really ? Its Madras's birthday ?? Wow.

    Yeah it will always remain a special city for us, the good, the bad and the ugly.

  5. :) Wow , I did not know that ... happy birthday to madras :)


  6. @ Chitra - Sweet Beginnings to you @ Madras, Chitra.

    @Gils - yeah, i know... home is where the heart is. illaya?

    @ Ramesh - yes, indeed a special city for some of us.

    @ Bikram - Madras thanks Bikram :)