Friday, February 3, 2012

Lost something? Pray to her and you will regain

My mom is a voracious reader of magazines and novels especially tamil magazines.  During one of her reading session, she came across an article on Araikasu amman .  'Araikasu' in tamil means 'half coin' and Amman is the female god or Devi. 

The article on the god mentioned that  if you had lost or misplaced something, you would regain it when you seek her help to find your article and once you find your lost article/thing, offer pieces of jaggery to her as thanksgiving .

Eversince then whenever anything is lost or misplaced, we pray to Araikasu amman and  it would be answered.  This way we found many important documents, certificates, jewels, etc., and Trust me,  never once  have we lost  faith in her especially most times it was at the crucial hour.

Both my children too who pray regularly have faith in her,  else how to explain the presence of jaggery in our pooja room almost every now and then. Only this time she  finds text books,  compass,  eraser and gel pen.  Just yesterday, my son misplaced his geography notes and made his dad, me and his sis as google search engine and finally when we thought he had left it at school,  we found his notes in his own almirah. But only after he prayed to this God and today he offered jaggery religiously before going to school.

                                                                        Image of the coin

If you too have faith in god, try this next time you misplace something.

 There is a temple dedicated to her at Pudukottai in Tamilnadu. She was worshipped by the King of Pudukottai and he had inscribed her picture in the 1/2 paise coins issued by him which is why she is called  Arai kaasu Amman. For more details on the temple read here.  She even has a facebook page.    


  1. Wonderfully informative Asha. Had no idea of Amman in this form.

    You are indeed a treasure trove of interesting info. The piece on Dhanushkodi, the one on Auroville ..... Very nice.

  2. I too became a fan of Araikasu amman as soon I heard it from my sister in law, some three years back. I have found many important things which i had misplaced, but there are still many things she is not helping me find. But i still have immense faith in her. I even know her slokam by heart. You also have to keep one kasu, a fifty paisa with the jaggery once you have found whatever you have lost. I have kept so many coins, I am waiting to go to her temple and deposit everything there.
    Nice article.

    1. Could you please post her slokam in english?



  3. sooper..vara vara unga blog custom magazine mathiri aaitu varuthu..semma informative.

  4. This is awesome info. Even amma reads a lot of bhaktimalar kind of books. Wonder why is she called arai kaasu amman. It is heartwarming to see that your children believe wholeheartedly in the power of the Amman. Not many kids these days accept the path of faith and devotion without rebellion.. As for me, i am an absent minded professor and definitely need the blessings of the amman!

  5. Once somebody asked me abt this temple but I didn't know abt it..I visited Pudukottai sometime back but no one told me abt this.Let me see if it is possible to visit this temple.thanks for the info.

    My husband''s colleague lost some valubles recently. I will ask him to pray to her.

  6. Now I got it...I visited this temple 6 months back...this temple is known as Gokarnam. There is a cave there and I saw a special sanidhi of amman but at that time never knew it was arakkasu amman who was giving darshan in all her splendor.Shall pray to her. I am a great devotee of Durga.
    shall post pics soon.

  7. Many a time we don't get proper info. when we make visits to some ancient temples.Usually I search the net to know abt the temple but no info is available.

  8. Wow! I never heard of Arai kasu amman. But I'm amazed to the shakthi (power) the goddess has got in helping people identify the lost ones! Ofcourse it is a belief one carry towards the God. I will take a print out of this amman's picture, and keep it in my Pooja room!

  9. @Ramesh - Awwww.....Thank you for such generous words:) feels good!

    @Rama- nice to know that you have faith too:) Pray hard and you will get the remaining too. Good luck.

    @Gils - magazinea? appo subscription fee please:) Thank you.

    @Bhargavi - It's better for Today's kids/children to believe and have faith in god, acts as a buffer for them to face the pressures of life compared to the kids of my generation. What say?

    @chitra - nice to know that you've visited this temple. Will await info on 'My pilgrimage':)

    @ Vaish - Welcome here. Amazing indeed!- the power of God. TQ :)

  10. Wow, this is amazing. I'd never heard of it. These beliefs are so beautiful and cultural. Each region has an important deity that safeguards its peoples' belongings, isn't it?

    In Kerala, there's a Christian saint who's venerated as "Pranthan kurisshu." Belief is that if you lose something and you pray to him by offering candles, the person who has taken your belonging will return it to you or else will go mad.

    If it is lost or misplaced by you, it will turn up on its own within a day or two, after which you have to go to the little church of this saint in Mattancherry and you have to offer candles. People of all religions visit this place to express their thanks.

  11. @ Swapna - Amazing! never knew about this. Thanks for the informative comment.


  12. This is the Sloka!!

    kArtavIryArjunO nAma
    rAjA bAhusahasravAn |
    tasya smaraNamAtrENa
    gataM naShTaM ca labhyatE ||

  13. i kept some where my ration card and i got tensed yesterday, then i prayed and kept one Kaasu in the araikasu hundi( normally i am maintaining one separate hundi for her), my cub board, table all file removed, no use, but afater having prayer, what a wonder, i got it. her vibration is amazing. i wanted to go to her sannadhi i mean pudukkottai temple. great, great, thanks arakaasu amma.

  14. We have lost or misplaced my mother's pension money somewhere. This has happened since my mother has a tendency of shifting and removing her things here and there and hiding them.My daughter and l have looked at the original place but couldn't find it. I goggled to find any mantras to find lost objects. And l found the articles on this amazing Goddess. Though l haven't got the photo l downloaded one and started praying and listening to the kartiveerya far no luck but this hasn't altered our faith. We have Mariamman amman Murthi at our prayer place n l visualise the arai amman in her. ....hopefully we get some luck in the next few days. Prayers will continue.