Saturday, February 25, 2012

I have to think before I speak

It is his final assessment time.  After coming back from school at 2 in the noon, he  said he was going down to join his friends who were playing football. I refused to send him since it was too hot to play. He immediately turned on the TV, I told him to switch off and do something else. He then went to play games on my mobile. I wanted to discourage him from this too and wanted him to study now so that he could play in the evening, but decided not to tell him directly.

I challenged him telling that “You should’nt touch any of the electronic gadgets, so no mobiles, no comp, no tv,no ipods , no wii” and also added “ no playing football or cricket( his friends were playing downstairs) , no sleeping. Other than these, do whatever you want”.

I was smartly thinking I have closed his access to all the gadgets he had no choice but to study his school books or even the library book was fine for me. But he started bullying his sister, telling that it was not in the list I told him. I Immediately added that to the list and challenged him again and went to do my work.

I over heard my son telling My MIL what I told him and he also told her “ Yosichindriken, enna panradhu theriyalai” ( I am thinking what to do now). I thought he had no choice but pick up his book now and read.

He has a knack with assembling or solving any complex puzzle like sudoku, electronic gadget, complex lego toy or any DIY kit. He is on a high ground when it comes to technical, analytical, logical skills and its application. His weakness is his concentration especially when it comes to school curriculum and that too Hindi writing.

I soon lost track of him and was immersed in my work. There was total silence for more than 2 hours from his side, meant he had gone to sleep. At around 5 in the evening, before moving up from my chair, I called out his name which alerted him from his sleep. I went to his room and told him “ So you lost the challenge, You slept all this while ”. He said “ No ma, I was is in deep meditation”.

Another day, another instance

My son had returned back from his play time and was relating an incident to me. He was relating in too many words and I told him in my language “ Sutthi valaichi solladey” ( equivalent of Don’t beat around the bush) and I told him to be precise and concise while he relates an incident.

I also demonstrated with an example that one should touch one’s nose directly and not go around and touch the nose. He said ‘ sari, ma’( ok, ma) and went about his work.

A few days later, I was asking him about ‘Solenoid’ from his science text. He gave the answer very crisply in a few lines. I told him “You should’nt be so brief, elaborate it more”.

His answer made me drop my jaws.

He said “Amma, you keep changing your words often, anniki, sutti valaichi solladeynnu sonna, inniku you want me to tell elaborately. Not fair ma, Don’t change your words that often. It confuses me”.

I realized, I have to be specific and think before I speak especially to my son.


  1. avvvvvvv...calvin strikes again :D:D:D

  2. Ha ha..kiddos of this generation! Looks like he know how to manage his Amma!

  3. Let go amma, let the little fella fiddle around with the DIY kit. What use is trying to write Hindi. Manfully did that for 10 years, and what use has it been :):)

  4. he he KIDS are genius these days they know how to wiggle out of a situation :)

    let him have some fun tooo :)

  5. Truly children can hit the spot like no other