Sunday, November 27, 2011

A proud mom writes

I could'nt rest till I wrote this.

In the past 16 years, I have not watched any serial regularly.  I repeat, regularly, except two comedy serials in tamil called 'veetukku veedu looty' and kasalavu nesam. I havn't followed  any of the K series serials neither do i watch any english sitcoms( I don't understand them). But i have recently made exception with Bade acche lagte hain.(click on the link to know wjat the serial is about) There is suddenly a spurt of beautiful value based serials on sony TV.

While i was watching the repeat telecast with my children, in between were the promos for an upcoming serial called parvarish. This serial is about parenting. The teaser showed two sisters pinky and sweety who are mom of teens. Pinky says a parent should be strict and must never give liberty to children. She does'nt even  understand and realise her pre teen daughter is a talented singer, while her sis sweety is a very liberal mom and has to face the consequences of that  in her teen daughter.

While this promo was going on, my son who was having his noon lunch after coming back from school said

"A parent should never be strict like pinky aunty and lenient like sweety aunty. A parent has to be like amma and appa - a combination of both".

for which my dot retorted - yes, they should be like our amma and appa, they should be a combo of both and not too friendly too, we have lot of friends but amma and appa can only be one.

And these are the children who made me proud during the recent PTA meet when my dot's teacher told. "It's rare to have a child who can be sincere, dedicated and meticulous these days. you are blessed to have such a child."
.Her hindi teacher( she topped in hindi amongst her mother tongue hindi speaking classmates) and her strict maths teacher told her in front me
"you should'nt be scared of trignometry.  Remember  Sh, trignometry should be scared of  you. (she lost 4 marks in this branch and scored 76/80). All the other teachers too  had only words of praise for her like sincere, diligent, meticulous, well behaved , affectionate, obedient behaves well with her peers and teachers etc.,

It's a different story that she throws tantrums and fights with her bro for the silliest reason at home, but I came home a proud mom.

My son's teacher was equally appreciative and said. 'He is attentive and gives me extra information about the subject. Never mind if he does'nt top the class, he understands the concept and applies them. Though his handwriting is not good and legible like his sis, that is how boys his age are. He gets away with his naughtiness by throwing his beautiful and obedient smile".

As a mom, i was glad to hear those remarks and see the marks. All these when my children don't even go to tuitions but attend music, drawing and play games(it is very difficult to pin down my  playful son for studies, but when he concentrates he catches up things in no time) till the day prior to the exam.

This post may sound pompous, a proud mom writes this because I was certified by my children.

Thank you my dear dot and son.  My only wish is -  God bless them to remain that way in the future too.


  1. Yes, every mom has the right to be pompous, and you deserve to be, for you have such lovely children.

  2. nalla vela engamma bloglaam padikarathu kedayaathu!!! ennoga PTA resultslaam keteenganna..hmmm...antha sogathellaam ethuku kelarikittu...

  3. lovely sentiments and wonderful words, Happy Parenting..they and yu are lucky:)

  4. Lucky children..They are dedicated, meticulous...all that you have mentioned is because of the values they have received form you people..Keep it up. God Bless.
    Forgot to tell you I am on C.villa.thanks.

  5. You know let me share something , I was the worst in class, not good for anything .. but i was good in sports .. and other useless activities .. I remember parents were never happy after a parent-teacher meeting ..
    but on the sports day they would be so happy as my housemaster would say to them .. the same never mind studies but he makes our house so proud ..

    studies are important but not ONLY important


  6. @ rama - thank you for the sweet words:)

    @ gils - unga amma number venumay :)

    @SStoryteller - thank you :)

    @ Chitra - hope you are enjoying your stay at C.villa and good luck :)

    @ Bikramjit - studies are impt but not only important --- agree with you and thank you:)