Sunday, April 3, 2011

KD'83 to DD'11

I was'nt following cricket for the past 20 years except in movies like 'Lagaan' but my super positive apartment people's enthusiasm rubbed on me since the Indo-pak match. They bursted the crackers much before the win and the way the little ones and elders went about with the huge flag of India around the complex, my heart too swelled with pride.

My son and my jetlagged hubby(early morning he returned from a long term) were watching the match on a big screen in the club house with all our co-residents, while my daughter who was watching at home dragged me to watch the final over.

Like most Indians, I too was a great cricket enthusiast long long ago.I had maintained a scrap book with all data and details of the cricketers those days. I remember taking permission from school to watch the prudential cup in 1983 and yesterday after a long time , I was truly ecstatic when i saw Dhoni's men hold the cup aloft. All along though I was'nt keen about the game I was always in awe of this man called Dhoni.

The way he handled the situation and the winning interview yesterday was simply exemplary. He has a cool body language. A matured head on young shoulders. No glamorous business degree on management can hold light to the team-managing skills of this guy.

Now all the apartment kids have replaced KD'83 (Kapil's Devils 83)( Thanks to chain kuli ki mein kuli) on their cricket bats with DD'11 (dhoni's dashers of 2011).

Two thumbs up to Dhoni's dashers for capturing the cup.


  1. KD DD LOL :D :D :D chaancela :D kalakiteenga

  2. DD11
    enjoyed it reading.

  3. YEssssssssssssss WE are the champions .. and we did it in style and showd the world ..

    With men like sachin who walked out when he knew he was out ... Men like Nehra who said he did not know if he caught the ball ..
    Men like yuvraj who was left out of team and loads of things said about him .. Now the same people are going gaga over him

    Men like Bhaji who is often talked about as not a good bowler but he doesnot let anyone take runs and in next over someone gets a wciket

    the reast of the gang .. men like Gambhir who won the match and had a smile even when he did not get what shud have been his

    WELL DONE TO THESE MEN.. the future generations has role models to look at ...


  4. yaa....DD11 has given given us reason to cherish the moment for years to come.

  5. @gils - thank you :D
    @ramesh - :)
    @sm thank you :)
    @bikram - good, you mentioned them all :)
    @irfanuddin - yes, absolutely, thanks :)