Tuesday, April 12, 2011

God and politics

Campaigning and election manifestos are a part of elections. Politicians of Assam, Kerala, Pondi, Tamilnadu are/were very busy with the above. Especially in tamilnadu along with the campaigning channel wars are also on.

Any follower of politics would know that the traditional rivals in TN are DMK and AIADMK. Both of them run their own TV channels and the campaigning( read defaming) is all over the visual media.

They creatively stage short plays to defame their opponent by highlighting all their opponents misdeeds and trumpet their own efforts. This is just to revive the short term memory of the people. Honestly, I don’t watch both these channels but I love these ads for the humour and creative content.

As if this was not enough TN politicians also descended on Chilkur Balaji temple to ally with GOD. Read about this temple here before you proceed, You would then know why the politicians descend on this temple during elections.

When I entered this temple today at the wee hours of morning, which is 40 kms from Hyderabad. The banner that greeted me in the temple read…

Devotees,Students,Visa Applicants,Movie Actors and Directors,Bureaucrats....
now it is TAMILNADU Politicians!

What is common in all of them?

You find them all making wish doing 11 parikramas in Chilkuru Balaji Temple.

The head priest Dr. M. V. Soundara Rajan ( who can be called ANNA HAZARE of the temple protection movement) is pushing for the de-politicisation and de-commercialisation of temple administrations. After successfully amending the endowment act( government interference in temple admin by issuing VIP tickets,mis managing temple funds, temple jewels etc.,) to make Chilkur an autonomous temple.
He is now trying to prevail upon the TN politicians to introduce free darshan, ticketless ‘archana’ and ensure administration of temples without political interference in TN too.

DR. MVS – the chief hereditary priest had already impressed upon Y.S Rajashekar reddy (Ex. CM) who had visited the temple during the 2004 pre-election days, and after his glorious win , kept up the word and amended the endowment act to make Chilkur balaji temple an autonomous trust. Similar was the case with the Karnataka politicians who visited this temple, they too honored their words . Hope the TN politicians do too.

If his demands are met, then Tamilnadu – the land of ancient temples would definitely become a travelers/tourist/devotees delight.

P.S: Chilkur balaji does not encourage donations, VIP darshans,special privileges, Hundi collections(there is no hundi in this temple). Encourages handloom weavers, donations only through two nationalized banks which are well accounted, no plastics used and is an institution where traditions, culture and healthy lifestyle and moral values are preached through discourses.and preserved.

This is one of the rarest temple where you can feel the presence of GOD. Even if you are an atheist, do mark this place in your ‘places to be seen’ during your next visit to Hyderabad you will feel the difference.


  1. chilkuru balajia...kelvi pattathay ilaye..wl chk for it

  2. @ gils - click on the links in my posts or google for chilkur balaji temple. He is also known as visa god/ passport balaji.

    You will find lot of college younsters making parikramas with their backpacks(college books). It's a treat to watch these youngsters have so much faith.

  3. really but does it work .. Oh i need a lot parikarmas then to get my wishes answered :)


  4. Lovely post,Asha. The counter-bashing that the political parties are engaging in is really in bad taste.. The plight of most temples in Tamilnadu is really bad .. for instance a pujari of a small temple is paid rs350 as salary and that too once in 3 months and get paid 40 rs for temple expenses like buying oil. Only thru patron funds are these temples surviving.. Sad plight ,really.

  5. I think i had heard about this temple through a blogger. It is really interesting. BTW. did any of your wishes get fulfilled?
    Good to read about it again. Have you heard of the Petition Murugan's temple somewhere in Tamil Nadu, I saw it in some TV channel, but don't remember where in TN it is.
    People who have been going through lot of delay in their cases in court, come and fill out a petition form and hang it in the temple, and their cases are somehow resolved very quickly. I want to visit that temple, but I don't know where it is. I even googled it, but nothing came out of it.

  6. @bikram - when you do with faith in god, it works :)

    @bedazzled - it's really a paltry sum that they work for. Sad, indeed. When I went around chidambaram, sri rangam and other huge temple the praharams were badly maintained. only solace was brihadeeswarar which thankfully maintained by ASI was the saving grace in front of international tourists.

    @ rama- of the many times I went, i only went once with a wish and yes, it was fulfilled and the other times many good things happened. wise people say ' Faith can move mountains'. well, this adage holds true for me.

    @ ramesh - thanks ya :)

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  8. Hi Asha,

    I was searching for the Petition Murugan temple and came across your blog.. Please can you give me details about the temple(name of temple/location) as i am unable to get any info :(