Saturday, March 26, 2011

Years pass by........

As I sat watching my daughter sort, wrap and label her new books with so much care and go around getting all things set for her new academic session and very eager to attend the final year of school , she said ’Amma, naan indha varusham innum extra efforts podanam, (Mom, I should put more efforts this year), ‘Ranjana mam’s teaching is very interesting’ ‘Chandra kala mam’s math classes are fun’ I could not help but think, how fast time flies and my children have grown up so fast. Memories of their first days to school flooded my heart.

It seems as though it was just yesterday that I dressed her in the school uniform of a small checked black and white box frock and shiny black shoes , the 2 year and 6 month old was carried to the school by me on the first day which was just a km away from home. She did not voice her feelings of not wanting to go to school but her misty eyes gave away. To cover her feelings, I told her to recite the shlokas on the way to school and she repeated them as best as she could when she suddenly stopped her prayer and pointed to the poster of ‘Stuart little’ and told ‘Naan pathirken’(I’ve seen).

I dropped her at her school (Carmel) where she was lost among the kids playing see-saws, slides all under the TLC of her first teacher Mrs. Suma Lokesh. Thus started her school journey in Bangalore, which after our shift to Hyderabad brought her to present school and now as she goes around independently doing her work, and as she puts her best foot in all scholastic and co-scholastic areas,and her English teacher tells me ‘Ive suggested her name for the editorial of the school mag’ I can’t help but thank all her mentors and teachers who have taken care to shape up my girl.

And my little boy who is always on a highground in technical areas as compared to me (this inspite of me being an electronics graduate) and who simply consider his appa’s word as the final word on all matters.

At the age of 3, all dressed in blue and white he was taken to the school by his hero (his father). He did’nt throw any tantrums but he showed his displeasure through his misty eyes. His appa put him on a rocking horse in his school and told him he would be away for just a few minutes and he can sit there, he would pick him back home from the same horse.

Two hours later when his appa went to school , he found his little boy still rocking on the horse. His First teacher Mrs. Jayashri Lahiri said he did not dismount from the horse even during the short break. From a shy boy who would just not open up to say ‘ hello’, share or greet anybody to a boy who is now nicknamed ‘Radio city’, his mature thoughts now just stump me and boy, was I elated when his teacher told me ’He is an asset to the class’.

How time flies!

They are no more the little ones, they are now almost reaching my height . They are growing up real fast in this fast world! How I wish I could freeze and hold back time, because even before I know few more years will pass by quickly and they would be away on their own to build bridge to their destinies.


  1. Hello Asha, such a lovely post. True we cannot get back their childhood, freeze them, but it feels so good and refreshing to go back in time once in a while, and shed a drop of tear of happiness. I am sure we would not like to freeze, for they would be so cold and frigid, let them be our companion in our memories, so that a walk down the memory lane would always be fresh, and lively, just as the way you have written.
    I actually don't miss their childhood days so much, for I have seen them grow so beautifully in each and every stage of their lives it is indeed a wonderful experience.
    Now my daughter is married and is happily leading her life away from us, my son so matured and responsible somewhere abroad, each leading their own life, dealing with their lives, and this stage too looks very good. And we too are free to explore our own lives. It is all a process, life goes on, and I am glad to be able to look back once in a while with fond memories.

  2. Very nice post and blog, I am enjoying reading it. They do grow up so quickly, don't they? Relish them every day:)

  3. eendra pozhithil perithuvakkum than maganai Radio city ena kaetta thaaai :D :D

  4. very well written post....

    and this is how life goes....days after days....years after years, and when we look back, it seems all this happening too fast.

  5. hi
    beautiful blogs....loved your world :)..i dont have kids yet but could feel the vibe in your post

    do stop by my blogs..i love to interact with is a wonderful learning exp for me :)

  6. @ rama-- nice to know about your children and thanks for your sweet thoughts:)

    @ Kala-- welcome here. Sure, will enjoy them :)and thank you.

    @SSS --- Thank you :)

    @gils --- Idhu enna sangathamizha?senthamizha?
    anyways pugazhareenga polrikku so thank you :)

    @irfanuddin -- Thank you, I agree with you :)

    @sudha-- welcome here and thankyou :) will hop over to your blog.

  7. Time indeed is flying by it was only yesterday i was in 10th class excited about replresenting punjab and jr india and now I am having to work heavily to stay in the league team ..

    it was only yeterday when i went walking for miles and miles and now i got to take rests ..

    TIme it waits for no one ..