Friday, March 18, 2011

Malgudi times

R.K.Narayan’s ‘Swami and friends’ a most loved novel was staged by Madras players very recently. I was eager to watch this play along with my children, but being a busy weekday we could not make it to the play.

‘Swami and friends’ from the series Malgudi days was televised in the late 8o’s. It dealt about the simple little 11 year old boy Swami aka Swaminathan and his friends Mani, Rajam and Pea. Swami the main protagonist is not academically oriented but his enthusiasm to play cricket, the impulsive innocent fun and mischief he and his friends wreak, his bonding with his grandma made an interesting watch. The series was deftly crafted and executed by Kannada actor Shankar Nag. Master Manjunath as Swami (for those of you who don't know kannada actors he was the junior AB of Agneepath), Girish Karnad , Girija Kasaravalli amongst others lived through their roles. The story was set in a fairy tale place called Agumbe in Shimoga district(Karnataka).

The village and the house are so similar to my husband's grandparents house @Lalgudi(near trichy in Tamilnadu)which we visit regularly. I wanted my children to watch these episodes and get a taste of the bygone times but could not find the CD’s in any shop. But googling for the same led me to the site

Now, they are enjoying 2 episodes of Malgudi days and the above novels while the other TV shows, Artemis fowl and Hardy boys have taken a back seat. What's more they even invite their paati(grandma) to watch with them.

Little wonder, this book by a celebrated Indian author and its excellent tele version is keeping everybody glued with its effortless narration and depiction of the olden times. I'm glad I introduced Malgudi to them.

This mini vacation, we are literally living @ Idyllic Malgudi with Swami, his friends and his family.


  1. Oh I can watch/read Malgudi days again and again too :) Such simple yet heart-warming stories :)

  2. True, it is a serial that can be watched many times. They were re-telecasting the serial some 2 years back. Manju nath is married and lives somewhere in Bangalore, i read an interview of his, in which he said he was not interested in the movies, and moved on to some other field and was working in some company. It is really sad he could act so naturally.
    BTW, that house in which the serial was filmed is in Agumbe in Karnataka, and it is a 150 year old house. The family lets out rooms in their house to the tourist who visit Agumbe, for there is no other place to stay. They offer good home cooked food too, all very reasonable. We were there in January. It is called Doda Manai, and the old lady Kasturi akka stays there with her daughter, son in law and grand children. The rooms are not special it is just like the rooms they themselves use, you are supposed to stay there as one of their family.
    Even my grand parents house was like this only, but they were more airy and bright and the rooms were bigger.
    Nice to read about this most lovable serial, through your blog.

  3. i remember some of the episodes of Malgudy Days watching on Doordarshan.... it was really a joy watching Swamy n others into that act.

  4. thhaaaanaaanaa thaananananaaaaaa :)))) i love tht title track. it was my ringtone for a long time :)

  5. what is so striking about this is the way it touches you with its simplicity...
    I remember the episodes as well... you're right...they all lived the characters..

  6. @Swaram & Uma- :) yes, for all those materials in this world our heart warms at/for simple things.

    @rama-- Oh, have they converted it into a home stay? and thank you so much for sharing the info. :)

    @Irfan-- :) thank you

    @ gils--- yeah that music meant a hop, skip and jump to occupy our fav positions for watching. :)

    anu-- :)

  7. Thanks for dropping by,Asha. Your daughter is incredibly talented. Malgudi days is one of my favorites.It's a sad thing that Manjunath doesnt want to act anymore..

  8. he hehe ok dont laugh but I have the whole series recorded and I watch it every now and then ..

    My childhood days those were was it 9pm or 9am it use to come ..

    in those times all serials were so nicely made and were great


  9. @Bhargavi- thank you bhargavi. I loved your paintings.

    @Bikram -- yes, I loved the serials of yore like humlog, buniyaad. They were so nicely made.

  10. first time here...
    like your blog somehow sense a soft gentle touch everywhere, mebe reflects your nature! :)
    yes loved the serial...the music used to be so haunting, and the boys acting was impeccable!