Sunday, December 12, 2010

The name is RAJNIKANTH

During a recent socio- cultural religious meeting, after the function all of us had gathered for the Prasadam. I was surprised to find that the talks of all the 60+ aunties gathered were centred around one man. (his latest release robot).

Similarly when you ask a 2 year/3 year old to imitate a style. This too would be centered around this one man.

Yes, the man whom you and I have seen tossing up cigars,twirling his glares, pulping up villians and dancing with the same step movie after movie for the past 35 years.

No conventional good looks, no filmi back ground, no great acting histrionics but he is the man ringing the box-office registers and looks younger with each movie.

He is the pied piper who leads people across all ages be it men/women.

Such is the charisma of this man who attracts his fans with his punch one liners and his magenetic eyes.

He is ‘the Rajinikanth’.

The man who turns 61 today and along with it he dons a new avatar of management guru.

According to TOI, his punch one liners which are famous all around Tamilnadu and sends all his fans spinning into a tizzy and used even by politicians during their meeting are now introduced in management books.

This book, Rajini’s Punch tantra- ‘ Value statements on business and life management’ has some of his famous one liners which ascribes management insights. One of his famous one liner 'En vazhi thani vazhi'(My way is a unique way' The book analyses the 'value statement' and says ‘ one has to be different to succeed. Don’t choose a ‘me too’ line of business or a ‘me too’ way of running a business. And then comes the example: “ recent history talks of many failures on account of this very herd culture. The failure of many dotcom companies is a typical example"

Some of his famous PUNCHtantra in Tamil movies:

Naan oru dadavai sonna, nooru dadavai sonna madiri .( If is say once, it’s equivalent to having said 1000 times)

Andavan solran. Arunachalam seiran. ( God commands, I obey)

Naan solrathaiyum seiven, Sollathathiyum seiven. ( I’ll do what I say. I’ll also do what I don’t say)

Kanna, panni daan kootama varum. Singam singleaa dhaan varum ( dear, Only Pigs come in herds. The lion always comes alone)

Another one-liner packed with Rajni wisdom is Khatam... Khatam... Mudinjathu mudinju potchu from the movie Baba.( let bygones be bygones). The book says that this is a typical example to let bygones be bygones. In an analysis of the line, the book says "If history was all that is there to the business game, then the richest corporations will be mere libraries... One reason God created time was so that there would be a place to bury the past.

Happy birthday to the simple and humble man who has fought against all odds and emerged a winner at work and at life and has dedicated himself to many social and spiritual causes.

I am a great fan of this real and reel life hero.

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