Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Festival Choristers

I had the rare experience of attending a scintillating Christmas concert sung by ‘The festival choristers’ of Hyderabad. And the venue was the prestigious Raj Bhavan (Governor’s official residence).

The invitation was extended by my Chittappa(uncle) and Aruna Aunty (both senior bureaucrats).

After the high tea, we were ushered into the rich durbar hall which had select guests numbering around 50 which included the Governor of AP, his wife and many distinguished persons.

The Festival choristers is a group of 40 members which comprises of a broad spectrum of senior bureaucrats like Aruna aunty , Indians as well as expats, just out of school youngsters, children etc. All the ladies were dressed in the Christmas colors of red and green while the men were in Ivory colored kurtas. They presented many new and tasteful compositions like ‘ shout the news’, story of Christmas, Gabriel from God, Can you hear the Christmas bells?, Calypso Gloria, song of liberty etc.

The choristers sang in sync with the conductor creating a harmonius ambience of peace and warmth with their soothing melodies. They were well complemented by the accompanists.

The noble idea behind the choristers is to spread the message of cheer, hope and festive fervor and an attempt to spread peace and harmony in the lives of people. They give many concerts at various places throughout the month and cast a spell on their audience.

As rightly pointed by the Governor in the closing address they have to be renamed as ‘ Cheer choristers’ for enveloping the place with cheer and peace.

Truly choristers - How Excellent thy name and how excellent and noble thy thoughts. The wintry cold December of Hyderabad is blanketted with your message of warmth, cheer,love and peace. May your tribe increase.

Thanks to Chittappa and Aruna aunty for the mesmerizing evening where we met so many lovely and warm people.

The songs are still ringing in our ears and my 14 and 11 year olds too thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the effect is radiating at home with both of them singing ‘Shout the news’ as they go about their work.